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It’s Time.(Freebie, Sub and NEW Mina hair).

This is a New Mina hair called Riva which I have to be honest and say it has a lot in common with another very new release called Odyle.  What Mina Nakamura does is take winning elements from one hair and incorporates it into a new hair in a new way.  As always I will put the LM for Mina’s main shop because this new hair, and another brand NEW hair which I haven’t even shown you yet, should be there in demo form for you to try in lag free comfort and then you can check out both Riva and Odyle and see which one sings to you.

Riva is only available at an event called “The Crossroads” and I must confess I don’t really know much about this event except the standard it’s GONNA BE PACKED which is why you might like to try out the Mina hairs in her inworld shop first!   Anyhow fortunately this is a month long event so it gives you plenty of time to go shopping when it’s a lot quieter.

UPDATE on The Crossroads because I’ve just checked out their Flickr page and nooo so much temptation, so many new designs, poses, shoes, hairs, homes and DAMNIT Gachas!!!!


OK now for some money saving freebies so you can afford great hair lol. This cheeky sheer undies, although it’s called a sheer bikini in the folder, is  actually a sub gift from l<3F] and an even nicer treat is that the sub gift’s are automatically sent to you.  I’m not sure if the sub gifts are fortnightly/monthly but I know they’re pretty regular.  This set comes with  appliers for Maitreya, Omega and a third one which I can’t remember but also of course system layers so even if you don’t have a mesh bod still wearable.

Since this has already been sent out chances are if you’re not already subbed you will have to go sub and if it doesn’t automatically get sent to you click and see if it is in it’s history.


I’m never sure why straight hair always makes me feel I should choose a blonde colour and thick curly hair brings out the brunette in me? I’m just showing you the back of the hair as well as my cute ass.


Last one is these shoes from Cremosa.  The base is a mesh and those black dots are like sequins and you do get a 4 colour hud for the meshy bits.  A pretty damned good Free to join GG.

Soo a bit of a rush job because I have to finish my RL work, some housework, then I’m off out to the opticians because I need new speccies, then I’m off to a cat cafe because you can never have too many kitties in your life (shame on you if you thought I was going to make a pussy joke here) and then to make up from all the cakes and cat cuddles I’m going to indulge in I’m swinging by the gym to wobble some of the flab off before I come home.

Mina Mainshop

The Crossroads


Cremosa (shoes)