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Rush Jobbie! (Super bargain).

As you can see I’m using everything from my last post because I’m off or as posh people say in the UK “Orf”.  I’m treating myself to a RL day of splurging.  I’m going to get myself some new nail varnish, socks a trip to a health food shop and finally a last call into Poundland one of my fav shops LOL but since my friend is her usual lazy assed self I’m still sat here waiting so I decided to do a quickie.


As you can see it’s a simple free standing “egg” chair.


Really good details and at only 11 prims pretty darn good.  A reasonable amount of poses but I’d say more male/unisexed ones than female.


Check out the crunchiness!  I chose the blue colour but if you want it in a different colour make sure the colour you do want is in the middle of the board.  Since there isn’t a demo version out for you to check for yourself so I’ve taken these in my Nams setting. The other thing is that my AV is slightly settled too low into the cushion and the menu doesn’t inc a adjust option.  Seriously this isn’t a big issue for me but again since there isn’t a demo I thought I’d just mention it.

This costs only 25Ld’s because it’s one of  the weekly offers that you will find in the sales area, ie 30Ld Saturdays, 25Ld Tuesdays etc

The LM takes you to the landing spot and you can either walk up the slope, it’s not in the little stalls/shops in front of you, or use the TP in the floor.

UPDATE: I’m LM grabbing and I can see that all the vendors are down but I can imagine they will be back up and running soon so if by any chance they’re still down don’t panic I’m sure someone will be along soon to kick them.