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A not so not lazy Monday (Freebies).

We will all have heard that the latest round of the Massive Epiphany event is on but did you know that it’s also got oodles and oodles of FREEBIES?


Sadly for me I was weak and not only did I grab every golden box I spotted I Gacha’ed (sic) all my Lindens away LOL.  Love Gacha’s when they’re packed with so many good items that it doesn’t matter what you win you will be happy with anything and so far everything I won is a keeper BUT of course the Epiphany is different in that when you rezz your win a window pops up and you have a choice to either trade it in or keep it.  If you trade it in you don’t get your money back but points and when you add up the points you can trade them in for one-off specials at each stand.  Don’t worry there are big boards there explaining it better.  Now it’s nice and quiet pop over and treat yourself to the freebies and some Gacha goodness.

PS It’s not a lazy Monday because I went to the gym today instead of tomorrow because I ROLL LIKE THAT!

The Epipany