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So tempted. (Freebies).

I popped into a new shop to me called EmilyC and I was so tempted to spend Lindens! but I’m now making a new rule that when I see something that I think is worth spending Lindens on I will go away and think about it and if the next day I still think it’s worth it then go back and treat myself.  So tomorrow I might just be going back to EmilyC’s and buying two skirts one of which is full priced and the other is upstairs in the discounted section.  Till then I’m so happy with the FREEBIE(S)!


Time for confessions.  I’ve played fast and loose with the editing so the colour of the dress has changed but it didn’t need it.  This is such a quality, basic, wearable dress in all the mesh and some mesh bod sizes.  As soon as I put it on it was my Saturday “yesss” moment.  I know that this shape is pretty standard but it’s always good to have something that ticks all the boxes with the fit,texturing etc.

My second confession is that I am not showing you everything that is there for us to grab.  Somehow in my eagerness I managed to get 3 copies of the same outfit and none of the other dress I wanted to show you and what happened to the jeans I have no idea and although in this picture I’m using I am also wearing the free shoes which are worth a post on their own I forgot to cam down and take a picture..DOH.

But at least my carelessness means that I’ve left some surprises for you and I can assure you that even if you don’t want another dress of this shape you won’t be disappointed by what else is on offer.  Free to join Group.

PS if you’ve been patiently or impatiently waiting to get into the Hair Fair event it’s finally calmed down.  This is a massive event over a few sims but fortunately there is a blog site for you to check out whats on offer plus LM’s direct to each shop.  I did a post about the 3 new Mina hairs and I’m wearing one of them, Pippa, in this picture.  So if you want to see them again either scroll back to older posts or even better just use the Mina LM and go try the inworld demo.  Even better is a certain percentage of each sale goes towards an amazing charity called “Wigs for kids” so you can treat yourself to a new hair and give a little back in charity.



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