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A hot, messy quickie ooeerr (freebie).

A not completely misleading title as my AV is pretty hot, there is a lot of mess on my platform and I’m doing this post pretty quickly so I can get back to trying to clean up my platform and sort my poor swollen invent!


As I was deleting stuff I came across an old item from “Just Because” which I had blogged previously and I decided, yet again, to stop what I was doing and haul ass to see if it was still set out and it wasn’t but in it’s place is this Free to join GG of a simple top.  The subtle stripe to the texture gives the impression of a jersey fabric, the flower is well drawn and the back is slashed to the waist line.

By the time you read this I will hopefully not only have packed up all my sh*t but also managed to bin stuff I don’t need anymore, plus you all know what that means?  Of course anything which is trans will be popped into it’s own folder and soon there will be an all free yardsale soon.

Just Because