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Ta Da & TBH(Freebies n Dollarbies).

Oh Lord I’ve not used this prop in years and it turned out so good for a “Ta Da”moment.


OK the “TBH” (to be honest) is this isn’t a great outfit when worn all together but since they’re all individual freebies, and a Dollarbie Group joining fee for some, I thought I’d just sling the whole lot on and just go for it.

The strappy top comes with a Hud but all the textures are the animal print you see just in different colours and I say “but” because I’m not an animal print fan BUT you may just be.  Sometimes when you find something that you think is blog worthy but it’s not to your taste you have to ignore that because just because you don’t appreciate at it doesn’t mean it’s not going to be just what someone else is just after.  So it’s a really good and basic strappy top and teamed up with jeans or shorts a great addition.

The skirt also comes with a Hud all in bold floral patterns and I have to say that this one again teamed up with a plain top and a pair of flatties does add a lovely splash of colour.


There is 2 packs of this design and I decided to show you the “Neon” pack because…why not LOL.  Again a colour Hud which also allows you to change the strap colour, notice the green of the straps?  The second pack is the “classic” I believe which has the more muted colours, black, brown, cream etc.


Actually I was more impressed with these shoes than I thought I would be.  Yes I know pretty gaudy BUT sometimes people want gaudy and these come with a pretty big colour Hud which has allowed me to basically make them as contrasting as I wanted or of course you can make them all the same shade etc

All of these come from the same shop, Furtacor and that’s whats going to cost you a Dollarbie because that’s the joining fee.  OK now for some rambling because of the heat I have had zero sleep so it’s only coffee which is keeping me functioning so that means I’m not sure which gift comes from which group BUT I do know that all of them, Furtacor, SL Free’s & offer, Fitmesh Fanatics are all in the same place, right in the entrance, and all apart from the 1Ld are free to join.

PS. DOH forgot to mention that everything seems to come in so many sizes inc mesh bods you will have no problem finding a fit.