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Easing back in (freebie n NEW Mina hair).

Woo Hoo the Biatch is back and I have to say that as much as I love my short breaks I miss my cats, my shower, my bed and my husband (yes in that order lol).

I only logged in to grab all of the notes and stuff and see how Faith’s Dad is doing…no news off Faith as yet but hopefully that’s because her Dad is home and in between running around after her wrinklies and her work the poor thing just hasn’t had any time to SL.

However as I was checking the notes I got not just 1 but 3 EXCELLENT Mina hairs sent to me and it was just too tempting not to throw something on and pull a few poses so what a way to return after a break.

I sometimes keep my RL and SL fingers crossed when getting a new hair that it has something which makes it stand out and so to get 3 of them each unique in their own way was such a boost.


I LOVE flying hair, I love hair that has life to it and this hair called Neah has it all.  Just check out that colour as well but I will also mention that if you too love hair that has some movement in it then check out Mina’s mainshop as she has some of the best windblown looks from very subtle to dramatic.

Special mention to the dress because it’s the Freebie and it comes from Hilly Halaan and it’s a gift to celebrate reaching a massive 13,000 group members and comes with an equally massive 20 colour/texture Hud.  Actually when I TPed over to grab, it’s next to where you TP in, I noticed some equally as gorgeous bargain priced Summery dresses and from what I saw even for the small price tag, 99Lds, they also come with big colour Hud options so go on treat yourself or at least grab the demos like I did before you TP back out.

OK more hair.


This is just the hair I needed in my invent, check out those “bangs” or as we Brits say “fringe”.  I couldn’t help but notice, because I think fringes are one of the hardest things with SL hair to make as natural as possible but Mina has managed it. This is a mid hair called Odyle.


This is the last hair is called Pippa and I think the picture is showing it so well I don’t really need to describe it.

I’ve deliberately taken the pictures in nothing but my Nams setting to show you as I see the hairs inworld but never ever buy a hair till you’ve tried the Demo because as good as a hair can look in a picture it can look completely different on your AV but with these 3 new Mina’s you’re gonna find at least 1 which will make you go “oooo”

PS The Hair Fair sims are PACKED so I’d give it a little while for it to calm down but 2 of these new hairs have the demo’s in the mainshop for you to try out in lag free hair heaven and as I’ve said if you want windblown hair then you need to check her main shop out for sure.

PPS I promise to tear down my backdrop LOL.  I do have an excuse of an incredibly busy 2 weeks it’s been rush, rush and rush some more but I think the rush is finally over…for the moment and I’m looking forward to some quality relaxing in RL and SL of course.

Hilly Halaan

Mina@The Hair Fair

Mina Mainshop