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Outta space outta time (Inc a Freebie).

No way am I going to do this event any justice with my RL clock ticking away.  So of course I grabbed what looks like the only freebie and took a gamble on a Gacha.


This event is Project Se7en event and although it seems to be a spacy, outer world looking sky bubble from what I spotted when I was there was very down to Earth items.  Everything from shoes to decor, lots of exclusive items and Gacha’s galore.

And I got tempted.


Yes I went dressed like this lol.  I didn’t think anyone would be offended by this great undies set plus this event was very quiet means I could squeeze another quickie before I log off for a little while.

The carton of milk was a Gacha win, comes with the pose I’m using. OK yes I was miffed because as nice as this wearable is I really wanted one of the other picnic items in that Gacha but hey ho that’s the risk you take.  The Freebie is the simple little wrist ribbon you see, comes with a 5 colour option Hud and you pick it up from the landing area.

I won’t be going back to the Project Se7en event because I will end up spending too much time and too many Lindens there as there is so much to see but you never know that amongst the temptation maybe some more freebies.

The Project Se7en