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I’ve changed, Freebies & a new way to shop?

First just one of the freebies and again due to time limits I’m keeping it simple but there are others there.  I had to check old posts because I know I have blogged either this exact dress or something so similar there isn’t much difference, so I found the dress I previously blogged which was a pretty pink and this one is…purple..and pink LOL.

In all honesty you do come across the same mesh designs and sometimes it’s the texturing which makes all the difference.  This dress just like the one I’d previously blogged is becoming a SL classic because of it’s fold and fit it’s blending of cute and sexiness etc so if you haven’t got one yet or you love this colouring then time to grab.


That was the easy bit the slightly more complicated bit is trying to explain what the “buy now” shopping experience is…OH Wait I’ve found the website and since they explain it in more detail I’ll put the link for it there.

I’ve had a chance to skim though the “Buy it Now” site but I also checked out the inworld note that you can grab with the freebies inworld.  This is what the inworld note says.

“A unique ONLINE shopping experience that is built around a popular tool, the Linden Lab Marketplace. While keeping the basic “buy & sell” routine in mind, I wanted to come up with an event that was “outside the cube” & dodge some common bullets that occur inworld, with the traditional shopping events. Things like enormous amounts of lag, capped capacity regions causing them to fill quickly, waiting days to get your hands on items you want right now, rezz issues, failed deliveries … you get my drift.

The ☆BUY NOW☆ collective is made up of SecondLife’s finest brands, coming together to provide you with a more chillax shopping experience. So don’t toss that lappy in the garbage just yet! We will have a plethora of products sure to satisfy your “shop til you drop” cravings! Fashion, Skins, Hair, Body, Accessories, Tattoo, Mesh, Applier, Poses and more, for men and women, kids … mainstream, fantasy … I am striving for vast variety!

Shopping from the ☆BUY NOW☆ network could potentially introduce you to brands that are new to you. You can easily access our brand participants inworld landmarks, blog, policies and browse through pages of our past works, all with a few clicks of a button. No need to strip down to a floating head just to snatch the items you are after, shop from the comfort of your home! Buy all the things, NOW!

Join the ☆BUY NOW☆ inworld group, for access to our monthly shopping list! It is FREE to join and chat will be active, so you can help each other out and gab about your finds! Find the group joiners inside participating brand inworld stores OR paste this link into your local chat! secondlife:///app/group/aadd83e7-c2a4-5ed8-f3ed-2c617fe8c66f/about

We hope you join us in this shopping experience!
For any questions, please feel free to reach out!
Send all inquiries to Toxxic Rhiannyr. ♥”

PS if in any doubt that you may not be interested in this group check out the “Directory” tab on the Buy it Now site and see how many MP shops are involved, this is a great way to get into the Marketplace experience if you’ve not tried it yet.

Buy It Now (web site)

Buy it Now(inworld LM)