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OH Babyyyyy (Freebie).

I’m think this is described as a dress but it’s so eye watering short I say it’s a top.  Called “Jelly Dress” from a shop called “Nightmare” and it sure as heck isn’t a nightmare it’s a cutie. It’s not that clear in this picture but the halter top has a touch of sheerness which allows a cheeky nip slip but not so much you will be banned from a mod sim lol.


And as soon as I put it on I knew exactly what I was going to team it up with and fortunately they’re still set out as a gift.  It’s a knicker/bra set which can be worn as separates or together.  They came out a couple of years ago but people are still TPing over to grab them because they’re quality and even if you already have a pair of jeans or shorts to go with this “dress” still pick up the Blueberry gift.  With the texturing and big colour hud a very handy item to keep in your invent. I still had this set in my invent but I TPed over to make sure they’re still there and I’m going to assume the Group is still free and there is also other GG’s but as far as I can see nothing new to me but if you remember from my an old post of mine there is a full house winter house set in its own sky bubble which was and still is an amazing freebie.

OK Nuff waffling, again.  Bye for now.