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Old Bag. (Freebies).

We have SUN and warmth and the birds are tweeting, the bee’s are buzzin’ and I’m…FFS Working! OK not that bad as I work from home so I do a bit of work and then pop outside, work, weed a border, work, sit and drink a cool drink, work, run around the garden stark nakkid (that last one is a lie).

Last night I decided to clean out the stuff I’ve previously blogged about and I came across this bag and one TP over to Jumo to check that it’s still there and it is and since I’ve not shown you this bag before here it


There is other Group Gifts set out and it’s the skin I remember showing you and maybe an outfit but not this bag and now there is a new outfit waiting for you as well.  So like this bag or not go over to check out the skin, comes with some appliers, and the new outfit.

And YUP as soon as I click “publish” I’m back out again.