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SL Vs RL(Freebie).

You’re going to see this quality freebie on all of the blogs both the ones that blog paid for items or freebies as this is quality enough for both sorts of blogs.


Can I firstly say that I am NOT blinking in this picture, this time, I just look as though I am, honest lol.  OK I’ve had such a busy Tuesday I’ve not even managed to log in to today so these were taken yesterday and I’m working from memory.  All standard sizes and I’m not sure if there is any mesh bod fits and there certainly isn’t a SLink Physique one because that’s what I’m wearing but I have to say that it turned out to be a great fit even on my mesh bod.  Super colours as well.

So that picture is taken as SL is this one is as RL is..


Yup what can I say!