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First the Freebie then the insane rambling (Freebie).

Since it’s Monday and I’m in a sleep deprived insane rambling mood I thought I’d be kind and show you the Freebie first and then go on a rant, but check it out if you want some SL and RL recommendations, and that means you can just read the first part of this post and skip to the LM’s at the end if you want.


The backpack is the freebie from Addams.  I have to admit that the post I received showed another backpack with matching gloves but it seemed like EVERYONE was at Addams trying to grab it as well, greedy sods lol.  Because of the crush and lag I couldn’t find the new bag but as soon as I spotted this one amongst the other Freebies I was pretty sure I hadn’t shown it to you before and once I’d tried it on and checked out the Hud I’m 100% positive I haven’t shown it to you, although Faith might have but even if that’s the case it’s worth a repost and when you’re grabbing this one you might be able to find the new bag/gloves as well. This comes with a Hud so you have 6 colour changes for the main body and oodles of options for the badges/buttons and an option to have the keys showing.  Fitted me like a glove but I’m sure I spotted a resizing option.

PS there are other freebies, GGs. this bag was a free for all waiting to be snagged but I know for a fact that they have all been shown here before but they may still be new to you.

Insane rambling so skip to the LM’s if you wish.

It’s a New Moon tonight which I suspect everyone who has animals will have worked out because my 2 have just been yowling and howling like bloody wolves and they’re CATS! even the old grumpy one has got his fettle up and all he does is sleep.  It was so bad last night so to let my OH get a good nights sleep I slept on the settee because they seem to settle down better with me in the same room and it’s going to be the same tonight as my OH has a very early start at work and God knows he’s grumpy enough with a good night’s sleep let alone with a rough nights sleep lol.  If you’re wondering about me I work from home so I can make my own hours so if I need a nap I can take one and since I’m the Boss I can’t sack myself for nappy on the job.

Nails.  I finally decided to start doing home manicures and thanks to Amazon Gift vouchers I bought oodles of goodies and of course as soon as I do that I start breaking my nails! and of course I now have a couple of hang nails which I rarely get so why all of a sudden do I have them.  Seriously Sods Law always gets you BUT can I recommend a new RL product??? Awww go on let me.  It’s a peel off base coat from a company called UNT.  You simply paint it on and let it dry then put on your nail varnish and then when you want to you just PEEL the whole thing off and OMG it’s so good, works so well and because you’re not using a nail varnish remover you don’t have to put up with the smell or the nail damage from the chemicals.  A bonus was with my first order I got a full bottle of nail varnish as well so for just £7.39 inc postage I got 2 bottles a bargain and it says FREE postage Worldwide.  So if you love doing your nails but hate the faff and chemicals to remove it give this stuff a try.

Inworld recommendation now.  I spotted some unusual lamps in the Addams shop so I clicked on them and TPed over to Revival and now I’m trapped.


You can just about make out the lamps hanging down in the top left corner that I saw in the Addams shop but when I got to the Revival shop there was sooooo much I wanted!  I ended up just pose hoping and trying to work out what would suit my home best I even wondered if I should change my home to suit some pieces from here and in the end I ended up buying nothing.


Each item comes with plenty of male/female and naughty poses BUT make sure you buy the right item and some are PG and some are Adult but from what I could remember even the PG ones still have couple poses but again make sure.


Such an unusual bath, which I won’t be buying lol.

I’ve taken all these pictures in just my Nams setting so you can see how good they look and now I’ve had time to think about it when I get back inworld I think I will pick up a sofa I spotted, PG of course, and then go home and rezz a few houses and have a think about a new home.

PS I did all of this post with nail polish drying, bleach on my tache and slurping a cup of hot peanut drink cos I am woman and I can multitask LOL.



UNT Skin/nail shop