Distracted & late


Thought Id just post a quick update ! Due to my father having surgery and being kept in hospital longer than anticipated , I wont have my usual amount of time to fiddle about with Second Life and the blog. Zan is doing a sterling job keeping things moving (thank god!) but I am seriously behind with little chance over the next week of catching up. I keep staring at the piles of brilliant items I’ve been sent to show to you and its super sad that I can’t unpack and play boohoo šŸ˜¦

Dad is doing really well though and is basking in all the attention from the nursing staff ! At the moment I am doing my usual workload and then driving to fetch my mother, transport her to the hospital to visit etc, then helping her with the everyday tasks. Rinse – repeat – Rinse – repeat- with added 4.30am starts for work every day – it’s all a bit tiring. Anyway see you all the other side, probably in a week or so, if I catch a little time I might take some snaps .

Faith ā¤