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Free day out with added shopping action (of course)

Pals play park

Its been ages since I had time to play with our little daughter Aurora but yesterday I decided to take a couple of hours out – et voila! We had a fantastic day together at Pal play park. It’s a super set up if you have a zooby baby, or are a child avatar. All the brilliant Zooby play toys are here and you can rez your baby so they can fool around with it ALL! Aurora loved the painting easel and looked ever so charming in her new outfit I bought her earlier from Sweet Penelope (my fav all time zooby clothes shop). We also stopped by the main Zooby store and got her ears pierced, I chose a little pair of diamond studs, dead easy to apply and really pretty.

Pals play park !

The whole area is crammed with things to do, a main fun pool for children, all sorts of toys (for both Zooby & child avatars) plus a deeper pool for adults with a couple of Zooby floatie rings tossed in. The gardens are magical – really – bunnies pop out of bushes and scamper about, butterflies float over flowers and there are plenty of benches and picnic tables around to relax on. Joined to the park is a small shopping area and also a rest room where you can feed & change your Zooby baby – I bought a bottle of milk from a cart outside and let Aurora guzzle.

Pals play park - picnic time

We had a lovely time here, finished off with a picnic and a cuddle ❤ Definitely worth a visit, I felt refreshed and relaxed afterwards, don’t forget , if you can spare a few pennies to drop them in the donation box! You might also be interested in Camp Pal, I joined the group (free to join) to see what social events they have and found that the Camp is on now (ends 8/7)! Sounds brilliant, I will head over later to day and scope it all out with my little sidekick Aurora ❤

Sweet Penelope


PAL Play & learn park

Camp Pal


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Beach mode

Stars NEW!! Promo $99L! price (includes flat sandalsand HUD )


Another fantastic chnace to grab a real bargain for the next few days! Just $99L will get you this lovely three-piece set called “Valia”. In the box are the following sizes: Standard 5 sizes, Slink hourglass,physique, Belleza . Top: 5 standard sizes, Slink physique & hourglass,Belleza & Maitreya auto-hider. The sandals are suitable for : Sandals: Standard, Belleza, Slink. I’ve worn the top over the last two days with shorts, jeans and skirts – it’s really a flexible little thing. Obviously the shoes can also be worn with other summery time outfits – bonus!

Stars NEW!!!HUD $99L

As you can see , the HUD above offers some really cool features for mixing up your outfit, delicious seasonal colours and patterns. The offer ends in a few days so dash if you want to catch it at the reduced price.

Stars Fashion Valia on the market place

Stars Fashion inworld store

Hair @ Summer fest by Tableau Vivant

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Pint sized

Aphrodite Sushi Boat 2 prims!

I’m always on the look out for decor for my home, its gotta be low prim and simply gorgeous! This is the sushi boat by Aphrodite – at just 2 prims its awesome-sauce. When touched you get a HUGE menu of all different types of sushi and a wearable item. Lovely chopsticks and very detailed food, brill eating animation too!

Heres the deets:

This  sushi boat is nothing short of a great way to impress your dinner guests as you serve your sushi creations as an impressive assortment with style!

This sailing boat is MESH and only 2 LI total, copyable, NO mod, NO transfer.

Aphrodite Sushi boat market place

Aphrodite store – food area

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Sky High Summer

CIRCA Sky home

O.o its been ages since Circa have had a sky home for sale, “The View” sky home is up for grabs at the Home Whimsy Event – this runs until the 30th June.  It’s serene and tranquil in colour with a great open concept to lay out room items.  There are 4 living spaces, with 3 indoor and 1 outdoor patio area.  You’ll find each room has 2 windows with scripted blinds. Perfect for the summer! I personally can’t abide a sky home without an outdoor space – so this is just dandy. (50% discount if purchased at the event!)

Chez Moi Bar NEW!

If you plan it right, there is no reason you can’t celebrate the summer in your skyhome! I got out the new “Hakuna” bar by Chez Moi (available at Tres Chic – on until July 10th) Fantastical bar with heaps of details, swing chairs, some awesome bartender poses ! The really cool thing is you can have as much of this out as prims allow – it’s not hard linked, perfecto!

Chez Moi Bar NEW!!

I hopped on and got straight into tending bar, whipping up cocktails, prepping a burger etc. I’ve not seen animations like these before – VERY refreshing! ( $480L for PG version/$720L for Adult version).


I also set up a little lounging corner on my deck space, using the new set out by Circa for the Geektopia event (June 19 – July 3) Totally adore the sumptuous leather fabric on the floor cushion, its super realistic. The balloon shaped chair and gamer inspired table are also pieces on offer.


Tres Chic

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Scored and scored again (MP Freebies & Dollarbies)

I’m not sure why I decided to rummage in the Marketplace but I was really glad I did.  I’d already grabbed a load of stuff but just as I was about to log out I spotted this adorable Freebie.


This is a gorgeous “cocktail” dress from AnaLee Balut’s shop ALB which struck a bell with me.  You will be able to see from her MP shop that the other textures are 280Lds at full price so a pretty generous gift and add to that you actually get 2 textures this one and the one below.


I did take a picture to show you that the lovely details on the back as well but that turned out to be a really BAD picture but trust me these dresses lack for nothing.

I also treated myself to the bag as at only a single Ld it’s cute and I was actually hoping I could rezz it as an decor item more than a wearable but at 21 prims it looks like I’ll have to keep on wearing it.  Have to point out that for me the bag rezzes in my right hand but the actual bag holding pose is your left arm but is this an issue HELL NO! Just rummage in your invent and find a pose you like, that’s what I did, and go with it.  I just thought I’d mention it incase it was an issue with you but heck at a single Ld who cares!


And then I unpacked this and this is why I knew the AnaLee name, this is an old freebie, probably from last Summer, and it’s standing the test of time.  A great fit, texture, cute etc but I’m petty sure at that time this cutie didn’t come with matching simple sandals for SLink & Belleza flat feet.  The sandals, sorry not shown I can’t do “top n tail” pictures are well worth picking up even if you don’t want the outfit BUT this isn’t free anymore it’s price has rocketed up to 1 Linden, yup a “dollarbie” for both.

I’ve just spotted that there is an inworld shop as well so you know where I will be when I get back inworld…plus it means I can check it’s still a relevant LM.


Yup the inworld shop is still a valid LM and I remember this shop as well.  The Freebies are there as you go in just turn to your right and head thataway, sorry that’s as exact as I can make it but not hard to find really. This is a big sprawling shop with a hodgepodge of stuff which makes me sadddd because I have such limited time I can never seem to do this sort of shop justice.


Oh Yeah!!!! I’m off on yet another “weekender” cos I bloddy well deserve it. We don’t take 1 big holiday a year we like our weekenders or midweek breaks and we don’t even take them together lol.  So this weekend I’m heading off to a beautiful castle with my friend and there is a Murder Mystery dinner planned but don’t fret my OH is off for a bike ride through the Black Forest in Germany in a couple of weeks time.

Remember folks SL is a wonderful place but log off and take the real person you are out for a treat, it doesn’t have to be a weekend away or a shopping trip but something as simple as a flask of coffee and a good book sat in a park soaking in the sun and peace and quiet.  Or do something proactive, go on clear out that cupboard or pull the stuff out from under the bed etc all those jobs you keep on putting off.  It means that when you’ve done it you will return to SL feeling refreshed and ready for SL fun.

ALB Marketplace Shop

ALB Inworld

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It’s a crime!(oodles of Freebies).

Popped into the Jackpot Gacha event which was pretty good as I didn’t realise that there was ooodles of Freeness to be grabbed.  I remember the last time I visited this event there was a load of freebies out as well so I’m wondering if this is a regular thing and if so I’d pencil this in to be a regular visit.

LOOK at this for some SL fun.


I’m going to put it in my will then when I die I want to be carried aloft in a glass coffin by 4 Elves, Dwarfs(?) having said that I have no intentions of ever dying.



This fun wearable is the gift from the Sweet Revolutions stall.  A nice touch is as the coffin and small folk are rezzing around you, you slowly lower yourself into your coffin.  I swear that later on when I’m inworld hunting down my next Freebie I’m going shopping like this, doin’ it with style.

I only managed to unpack a few of the Freebies before I found this and I just had to leave them and do this post but I can see lots of jewels, some clothes etc.  It’s all waiting for me to continue to unpack so a lovely way to spend a Tuesday.

BUT I also went Gacha crazy as every Gacha is ONLY 30Lds and at that price it’s much more tempting to give it a go add to that the fact that some lucky people will win 1, 2 or even 3 items for the price of 1 and 1 lucky winner will win 100 free pulls! I won some good stuff but one of the Gacha’s is nothing but adorable tents.  I was lucky enough to have won the Barbie Pink one and I’m looking forward to unpacking it to check out the quality and prims.

So go snag all of the freebies, the little take away boxes at each stall, and treat yourself to some real bargains and you maybe even luckier and win more than you think.

Jackpot Gatcha

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Somewhere to call home (inc a Freebie).

OK first the freebie before I start to wax lyrical about a lovely new hangout place I’ve found.


Pure Poison again, I only did a post about them last week but since they now have a New GG out I thought why not.  The GG’s are in the Gacha Machine in the entrance, do not make a mistake and pay lindens for the Gacha Machine next to it but don’t worry they’re clearly marked as to which is the Group Gacha and which isn’t.  Remember though the amazing people at Pure Poison have ALL of the old GG Gacha’s in the courtyard in the middle of the shop, easy to find and lots of shoes of different styles to be found.  Make sure to check out the full priced stock and maybe spend some Lindens, we all love a bargain but shop owners also have tier fees/Linden Lab Fee’s etc that need to be paid and sometimes there may even be a few Lindens left over from those expenses which they can use for themselves.

Once I’d grabbed the shoes I decided to check out an old LM and that shop has now gone and has been replaced with this lovely, beautiful and inviting Cafe.


I did play with the piccie but the Windlight setting has already been set to create a soft and relaxing atmosphere.


Lots of seating area’s and the roof is decorated with comfy sofas, tables etc and from there you have a brilliant view of the whole sim which  from my first glance is purely a residential sim but the homes are few and far between.  When I log back inworld I will be having a good mooch around to see what other “posing” potential this place has but because I’m a good girl I won’t be going into anyones home, but I will be checking to see if this is a rental sim or not.


You don’t have to walk far from the cafe to find lovely private places, this little area is just down some steps from the cafe.

A perfect place for practising your photography it’s been so beautifully laid out and the windlight setting is so nice that anyone can zoom, click and create a piece of art.

PS the tree’s are meant to look like that lol they’re dead tree’s and not poor rendering.

Pure Poison

Rosewood Cafe