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I’ll leave it up to you (Freebies n Dollarbies).

I was just rummaging through some old LMs and came across this one for “Freebiesowa”, a small skybox high in the sky with the Good, Bad and Ugly BUT also the Redeemable.


A selection of Freebies and Dollarbies, this is one of the Dollarbies, some hair accessories and jewels etc I was particularly taken with the button earrings but I forgot to put them back on and outside is a small washing line with some of the well-known !go gifts hanging there.

I also spotted a wall of dresses which were as old as SL is and quite a blast from the past I might even go back to snag one of them and wear it just for the Heck of it lol.


Will be honest and admit I’ve binned everything apart from these rugs, you get 3 of the same texture but with different wrinkles in them, very pleased with them and I can see them already in my home.

But special mention to the shoes there, there is only 1 pair there, as they come with the mesh feet already in them and OMG they matched my PumeC to perfection! Of course this doesn’t mean they will match your skin but they also come with a handy hud to change the skin and toenail colours so for those of you who don’t own mesh feet a good chance to try out a pair and see what you think.

So basically quite a mix and I think some of us old timers will recognise and will have at one stage owned a few of these now classic SL pieces.  So why blog this place?  Simple, if you can’t find something to tempt you then make sure to LM this place and when you come across a lost and lonely Noob this is a perfect place to get them started off at.