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Get a Third Life, (Freebie Group).

I’m only in 2 Freebie Groups in SL as TBH they’re so busy and active it’s hard to keep up with all the super freebies and offers that come out all the time. SL Free’s & Offers is one and the other is called “Third Life”.

Often you will find that when a shop has out a gift for one of the groups they will also have one out for the other free group and that’s the case with this shop, ALTER , as it has 2 gifts out but I’m just showing you the Third Life gift but the SL Free’s & Offers gift is right next to this one so you can grab both at the same time.  It’s also handy that the Group Joining Boards are also right there next to the gift so it makes it super easy.


OK enough chat and yup I’m wearing a light flooding face/body light because I wanted to “commit a nuisance” geddit??? LOL Yeah OK I was just having fun but obviously the editing has changed the overall texture/colour of the outfit but the colours, apart from the black, are pretty bold and yes that means you get a colour changing Hud as well.


Make sure to either “wear” or “attach” rather than rezz the gift as it’s a pop up on your screen and you just click that and accept your gift then detach/delete the pop will know what I mean.  Comes in, from what I can remember, all the standard mesh sizes plus a couple of mesh bod ones so a fit for all.

So I missed it last week but I am determined not to miss it this week and I’m talking about the 25Ld Tuesday offer.  Most of the shops involved in the 25Ld Tuesday lean towards the RP/Gorean/Pheasant/Medieval SLers DO NOT let that put you off!  I have found some amazing, excellent decor and clothes for just this token price and it’s the weekly offer I hate missing so I’m logging  back inworld now to LM grab and then hunt me down some cheap goodies.