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Ease on in, (Freebie).

I’m back but I bet you didn’t even notice I was missing LOL.  A lovely weekender away which even the MASSIVE downpours we have been having in the UK didn’t manage to spoil….actually I LOVED it but then I am a bit weird.


On friday I had popped over to Jian to check to see if their 25Ld Tues item was still out but I had missed it however I managed to console myself with this new to me Freebie.


Although even on the stands these were pretty low primmed, 1 or 2 prims only but for my home the stands wouldn’t fit in.  However as soon as I saw the 2 magic words “Copy” & “Modifiable” it took nothing for me to separate them.


And I ended up with a handy easel stand if I needed one but even better this 1 prim wreath which can now hang on my wall.


I remember a long time ago when people used to grab freebies simply to take them apart and see how they were built, many a SL builder learned their trade doing this.  The rules have changed with Mesh though but I have many a good memory of standing in a sandbox taking things apart to put them back again.

PS other gifts there as well which are well worth picking up but I’m pretty sure I’ve shown you them before.