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Somewhere to call home (inc a Freebie).

OK first the freebie before I start to wax lyrical about a lovely new hangout place I’ve found.


Pure Poison again, I only did a post about them last week but since they now have a New GG out I thought why not.  The GG’s are in the Gacha Machine in the entrance, do not make a mistake and pay lindens for the Gacha Machine next to it but don’t worry they’re clearly marked as to which is the Group Gacha and which isn’t.  Remember though the amazing people at Pure Poison have ALL of the old GG Gacha’s in the courtyard in the middle of the shop, easy to find and lots of shoes of different styles to be found.  Make sure to check out the full priced stock and maybe spend some Lindens, we all love a bargain but shop owners also have tier fees/Linden Lab Fee’s etc that need to be paid and sometimes there may even be a few Lindens left over from those expenses which they can use for themselves.

Once I’d grabbed the shoes I decided to check out an old LM and that shop has now gone and has been replaced with this lovely, beautiful and inviting Cafe.


I did play with the piccie but the Windlight setting has already been set to create a soft and relaxing atmosphere.


Lots of seating area’s and the roof is decorated with comfy sofas, tables etc and from there you have a brilliant view of the whole sim which  from my first glance is purely a residential sim but the homes are few and far between.  When I log back inworld I will be having a good mooch around to see what other “posing” potential this place has but because I’m a good girl I won’t be going into anyones home, but I will be checking to see if this is a rental sim or not.


You don’t have to walk far from the cafe to find lovely private places, this little area is just down some steps from the cafe.

A perfect place for practising your photography it’s been so beautifully laid out and the windlight setting is so nice that anyone can zoom, click and create a piece of art.

PS the tree’s are meant to look like that lol they’re dead tree’s and not poor rendering.

Pure Poison

Rosewood Cafe