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Rush Job. (Free & 50Lds Thursday).

Wow I crashed, it’s been such a long time since I crashed in SL it sent shivers up my spine esp since I’d just been on a little shopping spree @Collabor88 and treated myself to a few items I was so worried I had lost them but when I relogged in they were still there, phew, so I’m just checking out the new house I bought, it’s an addiction of mine, and I thought I’d also be super lazy and take a couple of quick snaps of the goodies I had also found this morning.

Not free but at 50Lds an excellent bargain.  I didn’t even try the demo on as I could see that it was going to be pretty exc quality and I wasn’t disappointed at all.  Actually the biggest struggle I had was chosing the colour as I loved them all but in the end since I had this hair in this shade in mind I went for the orange colour and if you haven’t guessed it is a Mina hair in one of her amazing “red, ginger, strawberry blonde” shades.


This offer is just inside the door and I’m going to assume that since it’s labelled “50Ld Thursday” then in 2 days time it will be back up to full price BUT it was only on my return visit to LM grab that I noticed a whole load of those footprints which lead you to 60Ld Saturday or 50Ld Thursday etc special offers and out of all the discounted items I spotted at least 3 I would snap up in a heartbeat so I’d highly recommend if you’re counting the Lindens but still want some new goodies check the shop out.

Or of course you can just pop over and grab this freebie from the same shop.


I hope you’re looking into my eyes!  OK let’s be honest CHECK OUT THE RACK! I promise I’ve not boosted the boobs it’s all down to the jacket/top.  I have to say that as much as I love my smaller more natural boobage when I put on something that makes them look Vavavoom I go for it.


Zoomed back so you can see the whole outfit. The jacket/top are a one piece and the skirt can be worn on its own.  I’m definitely keeping that skirt as it’s such a “low rider” that it’s enough to make you blush.

PS the Group Gift is just outside the front door on the wall, easy to find, plus across the way is another shop with even bigger discounts so I’m just trotting off there now to see if I can get me some new shoes or stuff.

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