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Is it right?(Freebie).

Is it right to be jealous of your AV?  SHE never has to go sweat in a gym, SHE never has to diet, SHE always has great hair, SHE has SUNSHINE in her life!!! Yes yet another weather related’s EFFING CHUCKING DOWN HERE! I spent the morning with my face pressed up against the windows sighing with sadness.  Mind you SHE doesn’t get to cuddle my kitties and OH and yes I did mean to put that in that order LOL.

Brilliant find today sooooooo pleased with it.


Just a simple shift dress but excellent texturing, top quality, shop quality, paid for quality and all those labels I give to the really good stuff.


Add to that a 5 coloured Hud just perfect.  I have edited the picture because I NEED some SUN in my life even if it’s faked but trust me simply gorgeous and even for me this is a keeper.

Will confess I grabbed this and TPed off as soon as I spotted the quality so I can’t tell you much about the Nya’s shop but I personally always try to check out a shop fully and not just grab n run, ok I am also checking to see if there is more freebies lol, so I can give you an idea of what sort of stock you will find there and once I get back inworld I’ll be TPing back.