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I love my Mini-Map(another Freebie & more).

I actually nearly always have my mini map open just in the corner of my screen it’s just a habit from when we used to own and run a rental sim, it meant we could spot potential renters or any “Free Sh*ggers” as Faith used to call them.

So as I was wandering around I spotted a whole load of green dots showing on my mini map in the back of a shop so I trotted off to see what had got so many people interested but as soon as I entered the Cynful shop I was stopped in my tracks by this adorable outfit on the wall/pillar in the entrance so I decided to zoom in and check it out and YESSS It’s another top quality Freebie! Honestly yet another keeper for me,  I’m on a roll here LOL.


Comes in just Mesh Bod sizes only and no alpha because mesh bods don’t need an alpha BUT DO NOT NOT let that put you off, I often wear mesh bod outfits even when I’m not wearing my mesh bod as usually there is a good fit and if not then we all have tons of Alphas in our invent and a bog standard short n shirt alpha will fit.

I did a quick snap and the TPed back to the shop to LM grab but also check out what was keeping everyone glued to the same place and I’m so glad I did.  Very lucky lucky boards, not only great shop quality items but the prizes change as people grab their them.  There was 20 AV’s there so the turn over was pretty quick but sadly for me my initial didn’t pop up and then I did have to log out for the day but this is where you will find me tomorrow, sat there patiently on one of the couches waiting for a lovely prize and of course invent cleaning out.

PS you will need to join the Group not just for the gift but also to use the Lucky Boards and the group invite is sent to you as you walk inside the shop so make sure to accept it.

Cynful Clothing & Co