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Resting B*atch Face (inc Freebies).

When I take an inworld picture I rename it to make sure I can find it quickly in my picture folder, usually it has a relevance to the product ie XXXNew Mina Hair or XXXShorts (the XXX puts them all in the same place and makes it easier to spot them) and I named this pictures “XXXB”tch” because I’m definitely wearing a B*tch face in it.  Seriously well jealous over Faiths Marketplace finds in her last post.  I actually logged in and grabbed a few of the bargains for myself and although so far I’ve only tried on this shirt/jumper combo if they’re all as top quality as this then I’m in for a treat when I get around to unpacking the rest.


Some times I deliberately don’t go to a shop for a long time so when I next visit hopefully there will be oodles of new stuff and even better free stuff and it worked out so well with today’s visit to RH Design House.  The whole shop, and the surrounding little shops, has had not just a total revamp but so many new home/house decor items.  I had a lovely lazy Sunday just wandering around and I did splash out on a few Gacha’s but I’ve yet to unpack them.

Then I found these simple and adorable FREEBIES!


I just zoomed and snapped the picture of them in the shop but you know I will have added these to my invent as such low primed and beautiful textured decor items are always much appreciated.


You will have to wander around as these 2 gifts are RH Design House gifts but they’re sort of in a shop attached to the large main one, actually not that hard to find once you’ve TPed over.

This whole shopping sim isn’t massive there is only about 3 shops and some yardsale shops but the RH one is so big and so well stocked this is a place you want to set some time aside to be able to look around at your leisure.

NOT FREE, I wish it was.  I was admiring some new stock from RH Design House but since it is only @Creators Collection Box event I did a quick TP over there and once I’d bought this lovely table top sized plate pond for just 120Lds from the Maru Kado stall before I had to quit SLing and return to RL.


So again this is another inworld shot as I didn’t have time to go home and rezz it etc but taken in my Nams setting but I just wanted to show off the quality.

This event goes on till the 21st so plenty of time, as always I’ve tucked all my lovely new stuff in a folder and left my AV at this event as I’ve not been able to check it out fully I didn’t even get a chance to check out the RH Design House stall yet but again when I return inworld I’ll be checking out and either spending some lindens or even better finding some lovely new Freebies to show you.

PS the moustache and glasses are freebies I picked up from the “Boiled Egg” shop next to the RH Design House shop.

Faiths Post for the Super Bargains.

RH Design House

Creators Collection Box