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Here’s a Quickie.

It’s been a while since I noticed a discounted item at AMD, Apple May Design, and since they’re usually well worth the 25Ld price tag as soon as I read the notice I TPed over.


Glad I read the whole notice because usually the offer is on for all week but in this case it’s just for the weekend.  A cute and yet sexy little panties and pasties set but this is only for the mesh bodies, Freya,Hourglass,Isis,Maitreya & Physique, and it’s only in the pink shade.  If you would prefer another shade then they are full priced.

PS the special discounted item used to be in the room behind the reception desk but it’s moved.  When you TP in just walk straight ahead into that shop and it’s just on the back wall, easy to find.

AMD (Apple May Design)