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Old and Yum Yum (Freebie).

Hands up because although I’m 100% positive that I’ve shown you a very similar hair from …I’m only 50% sure it’s not this one.  As it happens since the GG board says May’s gift then I can only assume it’s new and since it’s now June then move AV Ass over there as it might be changing soon….then again it might be changing to yet another great looking hair so it’s win win for us.


“barberyyumyum”  hairs are super cute/kawaii/youthful and quirky. I’ve worn the same fringe in RL as in this picture I bet a lot of women have when they have attempted to give their fringe/bangs a quick trim and ended up with an uneven cut which looks adorable on the young but not so adorable on an older woman.


This hair comes with a 3 coloured Hud.  The first picture has subtle pink/purple ombre streaks the picture above is blue, the third hair is rocking blonde tips.

Just a simply excellent top quality FREEEEEE hair.  The one thing I’ve found in SL is that it’s very hard to get decent Free hair, and skins, so when you come across one which is shop quality it’s always a lovely addition. The prices are just a little more at 300Lds a pack but there is a discounted section and I think I have a few of them myself…but my invent has ate them up!

However I strongly suggest you walk through the shop into the one next to it if you want some absolutely gorgeous home decor items.  If you’re not looking for anything new this is still a sim you will want to visit.  It’s a shopping sim but the landscaping, time and effort which has gone into this sim makes it such a lovely place to sauter around, maybe treat yourself to a bit of this or that and pose for some selfies.  I’ve got a bit of spare time so I can SL for a while longer and if I find any other freebies or things which are too special not to buy I will let you know.