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Fairweather Friend (Freebie’s).

HALLELUJAH The sun is blessing us!  Just as the rising damp was starting to creep into my bones we have had a couple of days of glorious warm sunshine so I’ve been outside worshiping it add to that I’m reading a damned fine book and I’m in heaven.

However Heaven is a bit like Hell at the moment with all the heat so I’ve come inside to cool off a bit.  Since I’ve got another appointment at the Dentist tomorrow, only a cleaning though so I shall have a gleaming smile when it’s done, and I might be MIA again  I decided to make my SL easy and check out a hunt and I found the Sinners Hunt.  This dress and hat however do not come from the hunt but come from one of the shops involved in the hunt.


This beige and butterfly dress/hat combo come from Vero Modero and as soon as I spotted the fully loaded Group Gifts set out for us I decided to abandon my hunt and just snag, snag and snag some more and then it was a case of bin, bin and bin some more LOL.  A lot of the Group Gifts I think have been out for a long time but there is what I think is a new and very vibrant primary coloured mesh bikini which looks as though it’s the newest Group Gift.

As soon as I get back inworld I’ll be continuing with the Hunt but if you want to try it yourself the link is for the blogg, LMs and Hints.

PS Nice to see just as many GG’s set out for men as well so if you’re a man or have your own SL one drag him over.

Vero Modero

The Sinners Hunt