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Set for the day, Freebie.

I was just thinking about popping over to S@bbia to check out for any new GG or Lucky Board items only to have a notice sent out that yes there is a new GG out for us, Kismet or what.  So I TPed over and snagged this.


A lovely off white/cream blouse it’s more creamy in this pic and more off white in SL.  Oddly enough you only get the 1 size and yet it fits not just my small AV size but I can see that chances are it will fit almost every AV size and it’s not even fitmesh!  As you can see in this picture the sleeve has an insert of lace texturing.  A really good and easy to wear blouse.


So I hopped on the pose ball behind the desk and this is me for the next hour or so or at least till I’ve worked though a whole load of notes and hopefully won the 2 new items on the Lucky Boards here.   A nice pair of flat shoes and a simple skirt both of which are good quality and perfect for your invent and even mine if I win them.

PS If you would like this blouse but in a different colour you can then of course splash out a bit of money, 100Lds, or I spotted that the skirt which is a LB win and will match not just this blouse but a lot of different tops is only 50Lds.  A nice simple versatile skirt which is even tempting me.