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MOM (New Mina Hair).

The MOM event, which stands for Men Only Monthly, isn’t always just for the men because usually hidden among the shirts, suits, jackets etc is often accessories and decor items which suit every sex.  Although I have managed to have a quick check around this event and this month it’s a bit light on those things but then again I didn’t manage to check the whole place out so there maybe something that I haven’t come across.


Even though this is Mina’s offering for this MOM event I always try on the mens hair and often I find that I ROCK THEM LOL.  I can’t help but think that Mina Nakamura deliberately makes most the hair in her mens dept very unisexed or in this case an edgy look which will suit even female AV’s who want to just look different from the rest.


I will admit that I  added one of my shaved hair tattoo layers to this look which isn’t inc in this pack.  TBH I didn’t rock the bald look but that was just me and since I already have quite a few of these shaved hair tattoo layers in my invent, from another Mina hair pack, I just popped a matching colour on.

As always I would seriously recommend checking out Mina’s mainshop not just because I’ve had fun with the picture editing but I do know that she has a nice little selection of these edgy hairs and you need to try them ALL on before you decide which one you like the best.  Women know this but men won’t, we can go shopping for a simple pair of court shoes for work etc but we still have to shop around because although they’re basically all the same WE can tell the difference, so you may put on this hair and think “it’s ok but not for me” and then put another one on and go “ooooooo yes”.  Always try before you buy!

UPDATE.  DOH forgot to mention that this hair comes in 2 parts, the main hair which can be worn on it’s own and 2 side parts which I am wearing in the pictures.

Mina’s Mainshop

MOM (Men only Monthly)