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A Quick Squeeeee (Freebies).

OHMAI is not just a fav saying of Faiths but also an SL shop.

This is going to be such a quick post and a bit random but I want to get these Freebies in before I have to log out for the evening.


I dare you NOT to go “squeee” when you see this cute little piggie.  She is actually a wearable but I always rezz wearables because sometimes they can make great home decor items and since rezzed on the ground this cute little piggie is just 1 prim so woo hoo a lovely item for your home as well as a wearable.

“Miss Piggie” is in the hair shop but check out the main shop for this oldie but classic simple shirt.


I can’t remember the last time I showed you this basic top but it’s still holding its SL ground plus you do get a large fat pack of not just sizes but also colours.  There is also another pack of sleeveless shirts with logos on the front which are equally as wearable.  Just great basics.

It’s also given me the excuse of using these jeans which came from the La La Fashion Shop I mentioned 2 posts ago.  As you can see yet again another great basic standby pair of shorts.  I’ll put the link to that post as well because there was much more Freebies than I had shown you.

Interested in the hair?  Sorry not a Freebie or even a Mina! Yes I do spend Lindens on hair.  As it happens the Hairology event is not only still open but so much quieter now so if you’ve not been GO, not just for the Mina hair but this little and select event always has some new and fresh designs and is well worth a visit.  This hair from the Emotions stand is actually right next to the Mina stand and both are very easy to find.

Time to log off so ignore any bad grammar and spelling mistakes and have a great Saturday night.

DOH I said good night to quickly because I forgot to say that Miss Piggy, her name is more like “Pigunzell” is to be found in the little hair shop but if I remember correctly the clothes come from the slightly bigger clothes shop attached which is called something else.  I’ve made it sound very confusing but it isn’t really as both shops are linked and not only not particularly large they are STUFFED with some adorable things so well worth a wander around and in fact when I do get back inworld it’s time for me to buy some of the quaint and quirky hair which is in the Ohmai shop and I’ve admired for a long time.  OK thats it I’m done.



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