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Clicking pays. (Freebies).

OK I’m a Brit so bare with me, its EFFING FREEZING, I’m so cold the fire is on and I’m wearing a Cardie, the cats yowled so much I put the fire on and then went online to check my fuel bill and it’s no wonder I never get a refund when the bloddy fire HAS to be on all the time.

OK seething is over but you can work out why I’ve jacked up the sun setting in these picture, I need Vitamin D even if it’s just from a fake sun and not the real thing.


I popped over to La La Fashions and was disappointed that the Freebies haven’t changed but I decided to plonk myself in front of the Lucky Balloons as the prizes looked nice and yes sort through more notes.  Once I’d cleaned up a few more and slapped the MM boards, and my initial hadn’t come up yet,  I decided to have a quick look around the La La shop and price check, very reasonably priced items, it was only when I clicked on this outfit to check its price I noticed that it’s not just free but all of them on that wall are FREEBIES.  Actually it was only then I noticed the small “gifts” sign underneath LOL.  This mesh skirt with a system layer top, Omega Applier inc, comes in a choice of 3 shades.


I’m glad I found this pose or else I would have had to pixelate my bikini line a little bit LOL. Low and sexy.  This is a system layer bikini but also comes with the Omega Appliers and 5 colours to snag.


This is a mesh skirt and system top, again the top comes with the Omega Applier and I can’t remember how many colour choices with this one.

OK I’ve picked 3 very similar outfits because I wanted some peach in my life LOL and yes the editing has enhanced the colours but they’re not only really good quality but damn there is much more than these.

What I’m not showing you because basically I ran out of time is some excellent baggy jeans, cropped jeans and jean shorts! I only grabbed a pair of the shorts as these knee-length ones will be so handy.  Icing on the cake is even the jeans come with a choice of colour or you can just be greedy and grab the lot!  There was also a couple of other items as well but it’s time to click “Publish” and get back to RL work.

PS the original gifts which I have shown you before are next to the desk but all of these freebies are on the wall next to the Gachas, don’t worry it’s not a big shop and you won’t have trouble finding anything here.

La La Fashions