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Red Hot Redo’s (Freebies).

I took some lovely pictures of all the freebies I picked up from Blac and then managed to make them look like sculptie rags so I had to redo them and since they are freebies I had fun with the picture and the red has been enhanced BUT they are still pretty blood-red I just notched it up a bit.


4 Freebies and 1 sub giftie but I’m not showing you them all, cos I iz lazy, plus the other items will be a nice surprise.  This is 2 gifts, the sweater/jacket and cropped sports pants are in 1 pack and the matching cropped top in another.  Gonna be honest, because my invent is STUFFED I will be bining both the jacket and the top but only because I wouldn’t ever wear the jacket again and I already have plenty of tops like that but the cropped joggers for me are a definite keeper. As I said because I have too much I really have to pick and chose what to keep and usually it’s not because the item I’m bining is lacking it’s just because I am a HOARDER!

Of course I’m wearing the New Mina hair but this time I’m showing you it from the front in this picture.  I’ll put the Link to that post at the bottom.


Same outfit again but without the jacket.  The cropped top doesn’t have an alpha in the pack but that’s not an issue as it’s a standard mesh fit so chances are you will have a ton of alphas that will do the job.


Cropped pants cropped pictures LOL.  My choice of shoes blended too well into the steps and it look odd but I rather liked this picture angle so I decided to go for it.  You may notice that the pants start off a darker blood-red and then is lighter at the top and that’s the ombre effect of the outfit.  I’m going to be bining it but this is the sort of outfit that makes bining stuff hard because it’s a really good quality item and a great addition to any invent just not mine!

The other 2 items waiting to pick up is another Free GG and I do believe a Sub gift which I forgot to sub to but it’s definitely going to be slapped when I LM grab.

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