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Sunday Brain! (New Mina hairs & Oodles of FREEBIES).

DOH!  I did this post yesterday and just as I was bragging to a friend how good my internet is my internet crashed! Typical but it’s now Monday and I’m up and running and yes I am clutching wood as I type this.

If you scroll back through my last few posts you might just have noticed that I am wearing a new Mina hair, ok probably not as this hair, Marion, is pretty subtle from the front.  A simple middle parting with the hair going down either side of your face but as you can see from the back this hair goes right down to your waist.  As always I’ve stuck to the standard me colour, brown in SL brown in RL LOL but of course you can chose any hair colour pack you want.


Marion is from the latest round of Hairology which is a really nice little event, loads of fresh new designs but not so many you get overwhelmed and  give up half way and miss out on something new for your invent.

I also finally managed to get my sorry AV Ass over to the “We love roleplay” event which is having it’s 3rd Birthday in SL and you know what SL Birthdays means?…FREEEEEBIES!  Oooodles and ooodles of them.  Almost each stand has a giftie set out for us to snag and of course I snagged and snagged and then gave up.  Honestly so many goodies I just didn’t have enough time to grab them all and unpack etc I literally just walked straigth ahead then turned right and after a few more stalls that side I just ran out of time so can you imagine how much is still there waiting to be grabbed.  I do know there seems to be a wonderful mix, plenty of jewelry and accessories but also lots of decor items.  I didn’t actually come across any free clothes,which is why I am naked..yeah right LOL any excuse.


Not the hair though, just in case you thought it was.  This hair is another Mina’s but it’s not available yet but the reason I am showing you it now and not in a couple of days when the Tres Chic event is up and running is because this hair, Faith is very similar to another hair called Bridget which I have already shown to you. Bridget is from what I can see simply a shorter version of this hair and because “Faith” isn’t available yet I thought I would mention that Bridget is now in the mainshop but it’s a Gacha.  If you want a super bargain and not to set on a particular colour, you do of course get a colour pack just not of your choice, then you may want to try it.  Not 100% sure but I am pretty sure it’s only 75Ld a pop but check it out first and of course there is a Demo of Bridget and if you like Bridget but don’t want to risk the colour pack you get then give it a day and go try the Faith version @Tres Chic when it’s opened tomorrow but that one I do believe will be the standard full price.

So apart from the hair everything else is free.  The excellent backdrop/draped wall decor behind me which has 2 sides, this earthy painted look and the back is black.  And look closely at the leafy brown/ginger plant.  This is stunning, it’s a pretty tall and light from…nope sorry can’t remember but I promise I will try to put an update at the end.

The biggest Freebie I found so far is the skin, don’t clean your glasses I have pixellated the nips LOL.  This skin came off the Plastik stall.  You only get 2 skins but also a whole FAT PACK of addons and Appliers, everything from lipsticks to a “nipless” skin.  I will admit something though, because the backdrop was so dark I edited the picture a bit and it has slightly changed the skin colour.  The skin has a slightly dusty ethereal look to it which is actually in keeping with the style of the Plastik shop.  It’s been a while since I was last over there so time to check it out….once I’ve been back to the I love to RP event of course.


A couple of hints though, I snapped this picture at the RP event and as you can see the windlight is stunning so change it LOL.  It’s hard to see the lovely stuff here in such a dark setting so once you’ve admired it change to a lighter setting.  The other big thing to do is click everything because some of the Freebies are pretty obviously in their little gift boxes or bags but  a lot are a picture on the wall or just in another object.  Plus not everything is free I did pick up a few 10Ld items but it looks like most of them are set at 0 but make sure if you have to be super careful with your Lindens.

But remember to treat yourself.  A lot of items here are discounted and I ended up grabbing so many demos and I also treated myself to a stunning head dress which only cost 35Lds so this event has something for everyones wallet.

Tree is from the E.V.E stall and trust me it’s worth a visit for that alone.

Backdrop/drape is from the Unkindness stall.

We Love Role Play


Mina Mainshop

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