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It’s over! (Freebies).

Summer that is because I woke up this morning to a cold rainy day, the wash on the line is soaking wet, can’t find my glasses so having to use a cheapo pair from Poundland, raging headache, cat decided to fill the litter tray and the stench was so bad it’s permeated the whole house and my OH had stolen all the quilt so I was freezing and all of this was before 8am!  LOL I wonder how many people can relate to this sort of RL situations.  Still going to the gym though once I’ve worked my way through some RL work but I didn’t want to not do a post today as it’s been a bit of a quiet week for blogging.

Prism, free group gift, cropped pants and top GO GET EM! They come as a set but you can wear them as separates and those cropped pants with a raw linen look are going to be really handy.


Have a good day peeps and remember it’s FRIDAY! ….oh wait I work weekends as well! Damn I don’t even get Friday off!