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Mondays KISS (Freebie).

It’s true that us Brits only talk about the weather and today it’s PERFECT!  Last night I did the house, lined up my RL work, threw a shed load of stuff in the wash I even filled a bag with all the cushions, throws, books etc so when I’m making my “nest” in the garden it’s as easy as possible.


This morning was also made easier by this lovely New GG from Petite Mort. It’s right there in the entrance way on a board.  TBH I was super lazy and didn’t cam around for the group invite I simply clicked on the picture and joined the Free group from there.

The shop looks as though it has had a bit of an update plus I spotted there is also a bit of a sale going on but my garden was calling me so I just grabbed and ran but it’s certainly worth a revisit to see whats in the sale.

PS it’s the skirt and top only.

Petite Mort

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