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Here’s some random SLing.  I was just checking out some old LM’s and as you can see the shop I was wanting to visit has now moved but someone kindly left this log pile seat and after I had paused for a while to go through some notes I came across one from a shop I don’t really know.  The note was pretty standard but what grabbed my attention was a Marketplace Special offer and yes I spent Lindens!


I had to jump down off my log pile to take these pictures but it was worth the leap.


As you all know it takes something special to make me spend my Lindens and as soon as I spotted this I thought what a great “goto” outfit for when I get sick of wandering SL in the latest demo or freebie I had picked up, I’ll let you into a secret because on my log seat I was actually wearing not 1 set of demo undies but 2 and both of them were naff!

This is a 100Ld offer and for that you no NOT get the full colour pack of the jacket you just get this pretty light pink shade but what you DO get is a pretty decent sized colour Hud which allows you to change the shades of the strappy top and the fur.


As you can see the fur is also an add on so happily as I’m not into fur of any sort I can just take it off.


Gratuitous Boob shot! Actually I doubt you would wander SL with all you nips showing it’s not that sort of outfit but if you have a top that you would like to wear instead then you just click the “Hide the top” tab.

This is ONLY a Marketplace offer and it’s just for the pink shade jacket there are other shades available but at the full price of 220Lds and there is a fat pack which does come with an ouchie price tag LOL.

The Link takes you to the MP shop and I’ll add the in world shop one so you can have a mooch around there. Make sure to check out the description in the MP as you can see all the colours in the Hud and although you can’t change the actual jacket shade you get so many colours for the top and fur it’s pretty extensive.  You will also see that it comes in all the standard mesh sizes plus 3 Belleza and 1 SLink size.

Vision Marketplace

Vision Inworld