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Wear your own panties! (Hunt Dollarbie).

This is such a quick post as I’m killing the next, 14 mins exactly, till I have to leave the house and I’m sat here thumb twiddling.

The Mayflower Hunt, each prize costs 1Ld and you’re hunting for a bunch of flowers.


A simple pretty little negligee but you NEED to put a panties layer on LOL.  This came from the “Wicked” shop.

OK going to be honest and you will see from the link given that not everything in this hunt is maybe what you’re after, ie primmy or rather basic BUT never EVER let that put you off checking the shop.  Often shops that are involved in a hunt have other hunts going on and also GG’s.  I know for a fact that I went to grab the Shoenique prize but snagged the New Group Gift shoes that have been set out!  I always say that when a shop puts out a great Freebie people have a tendency to keep it tucked away in their invent and when they’re bored and have a few Lindens to spend they will often call back into these shops to see if there is a new gift and then maybe just maybe they will linger some more and actually start to spend those Lindens.

….6 mins to kill now so I’ve not got time to log back inworld as although the Link I am going to give you does give you pictures and hints of the prized it just seems to have some of the LMs missing but a quick inworld search or just check your invent and chances are they’re there already but I’ll put the link to the Wicked shop where I found this pretty slip.

PS The Negligee somes in all mesh sizes PLUS mesh bodies.

The Mayflower Hunt LM’s Hints & Pictures

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