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UGLY! (New Mina & FREE Mina Hair!).

Absolutely nothing ugly about this hair and these pictures.  I was going to go to my fav beach to show you this brill hair but accidentally TPed to another sim and of course being a photo addict I spotted the opportunity to use the exc windlight setting and the simple background effect to show of the hair to it’s best.  It makes you question why sim owners all don’t spend a few minutes to set their sim setting to show off not just their shop but also their designs to the best.


Such thickness such a natural way of lying on your shoulder and back with just enough sheen for a healthy hair look without that metal sheen of others.


LOL OK indulge me, I’ve had a weekend of socialising and so to get back inworld and a new hair, great looking sim I went click mad.


Last shot, of this hair at least.  Of course I’m showing you just the 1 shade and the 1 style, you get 2 slightly varied styles in the same pack and a “material! and “No material” versions.  The “no material” version is I believe a version for anyone who has a computer which struggles with the finer details in SL.  I don’t really know as although I don’t have anything other than a bog standard computer, clutching wood now, I have rarely had any issues.  Usually as well the difference between the 2 styles in something small like a bit less of a “bang” or fringe as we call it.  And of course you can chose the colour pack to suit you and I stuck with the mid brown pack.

FREENESSSSSS although you’re going to have to work damned hard to get it.


Both of these hairs are only available @FaMESHed and I have to be honest I struggled so hard to get into that event last month I actually forgot to show you the amazingly excellent “windy” hair called Demy. So although since this round has only just started and it will be PACKED solid I’m going to show you the new Mina hair plus this excellent gift that has been put out in celebration of FaMESHed’s 4th year now just in case I never ever manage to get into the FaMESHed event and you can.  You only get the 1 shade but happily for me at least it;s one of my favs colours, an orange ombre.

As soon as I get back inworld I will of course be LM grabbing for both the FaMESHed event plus Mina’s mainshop.  I’m also hoping that the previous Demy hair is now available in her shop and if it is I’ll do my best to get some piccies of it.  And of course as always Mina puts the demos and LMs to the events she is involved in so again I’ve not LM grabbed but if it isn’t there for you to try on without the inevitable lag then it will be pretty soon.

UPDATE There is a demo for Kirstin which is the New hair@FaMESHed and Demy the hair I mentioned that was last months FaMESHed offering is now on offer in the mainshop at the standard price of 250Lds.  Again hoping to be able to show you that one but if you’re after a hair with some life to it then TP to Mina’s and turn left when you get into the shop and it’s right there.


Mina Mainshop

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