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Giveaway pants & doggies!

dollarbie pants various colours! Pekinese doggies NEW!

Ohmaigerd, I just adore my new doggies! I got them at The latest round of The Gacha Garden, just $50L  and by Hextraordinary – twelve commons, four rares. Both my wins are common but I was thrilled to get them. They are animated, walk along with you, go woof woof and poke out their little pink tongues! Some have bows in the fur, and the rares are all decorative pieces – A.dorable. My pants are by Mooh and are set out as a dollarbie at the Garage Sale. (You get four colours.) No mesh body sizes, but I’m wearing the rose tone in the small size over my Slink Physique mesh body – purrrfect fit.

The Gacha Garden

The Garage Fair

Top – new release from Neve

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