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Pack it in!(Freebies).

I’m “kissing” it today because it’s turning out to be a glorious sunny day and it’s time my deathly white skin was exposed to some warming rays so I’ve done the work I need to do and that inc popping into SL taking these pictures and then packing away my SL “nest” now that I’m actually feeling back to my good old self.

The shoes are new GG’s from Amiable.

XXXAimrela Very nice and simple shoe/sock combo.


You get a small hud which offers you 3 sock and 3 shoe shades.

These are new but all of the old GG’s are still set out, back of the shop, and there are some crackers there so even if you’re not in the market for new shoes still pop over to check out the rest.

Actually check out the whole shop as well! I have to say I only have a couple of pieces of clothing from here and it’s not because I don’t love her stuff it’s because I’m poor & mean in equal measurements LOL.  Some absolutely gorgeous and unique sweet outfits here but I try not to look too closely at them as I have now not only Tier fee’s but a gym membership to pay for LOL.


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“Liar liar pants on fire” (Freebie).

I always promise to do something and then I either forget to do it or normally I get distracted which is what happened this morning.  I was intending on hunting down the cupcakes but this skin was too good to miss.


Awww I don’t know I why I look so sad LOL.  OK this is a sub gift from E Vary and all it takes is one slap and it’s sent to you.  You may have to slap the sub board on the wall and then the picture to get this skin sent to you.

OK I lost the notes I had made because I have scrambled eggs for brains at this moment but I do remember you get 2 skins, small boobs n big boobs.  3 make up tattoo layers, not worn, a nice eye shadow, lippie and some very distinctive freckles, 2 Mesh Body Appliers and although I noticed that one of them was for Omega I can’t remember what the other one was and there was also a small pack of Mesh Head Appliers and of course I can’t remember any of them LOL.  Just a really nice skin, pretty on its own, easy to add any make up etc you wish and of course it does come with some Appliers if you use them.

BUT remember that because I’m wearing my own shape the overall look on you may/will look different.  As it happens this pack also comes with a small selection of shapes which I tried on for fun and they’re good shapes but we all grow to love our own in SL but you may want to try them out plus the lovely curvaceous shape in the pack.

PS I’m swilling my mouth with salty water, face isn’t as puffy gums have calmed down and apart from a low-grade headache and dogs breath I’m feeling pretty damned good and the sun is coming my way and as soon as it hits my garden I’m outta here.  Have a great day people.

E Vary

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Heart Homes - hot Spring new!

Heart Homes have been busy and they’ve released this Hot Spring bath for the latest round of Tres Chic. Not just a lovely looking item for your home/garden but functional too. 17Li , that includes the fireplace and a total of 139 animations. Up to three couples can use this at one time or of course, singles. You get a choice of hot or cold water, the water being cloudy of course – just like a real thermal bath ! Fantastic addition for socialising or relaxing alone, find it at Tres Chic now.

Tres Chic

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What a brave girl !



I’ve been on tenterhooks all day , fingers crossed and hoping Zan had actually even got to the dentist! I have to say I admire her, there is a big difference between “not liking” going to the dentist and “scared witless”. No one really likes going, but when you’ve got a real terror and need medication just to go – thats so awful. Well done Zanzi, wish I was a fly on the wall – bet you look like the chick in the photo ! Huge biggggg hugsssss ❤

Faith xxx


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The perfect fit

Neve shorts & shirt NEW! Four variatins per pack via HUD

Ohhhh you’re gonna love this, I was sooper excited as soon as I saw shorts! Why? wellllll I’ve gone to the dark side , aka: 100% meshiness, and I’ve been searching for a really great pair of shorts for like ever. Cue Neve and their brandspankin lipsmackin range of short shorts ! Ohmaigawd, seriously they fit, I mean they REALLY fit, and best of all – using the handydandy HUD you get four colours in each pack PLUS, you can turn off the pockets hanging down. I know , I’m a freak – but I just loathe the “pocket poking out” thang. Options for button colour, belt loops also. Heaps of choices on the shorts, denim to floral and anything inbetweeny, hardest part is making a choice.

Neve shorts & shirt NEW! Four colours per piece included via HUD

This shorts pack is SO moi! Floral, delicate and cute, I’ve left the pockets poking out just incase you like that look – but they do vanish if you use the HUD. Both shorts featured are also new out and called “Dixie”. I went for the plaid  and then the lively pack for the second pic. Such a versatile piece and a classic look with the knotted front. All items are in the following sizes: Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique & Hourglass, Belleza Isis & Freya and the Standard Sizes XXS – M. Go grab yourself some demo’s !

Neve store

Neve market place

Neve blog

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Scarlet Creative- Greenlily cottage collabor88 NEW!

If you’ve been pondering getting a new home for the new season – look no further. Scarlet Creative have Greenlily cottage out at collabor88 and its pretty fantastical! For just $188L it’s all yours, well worth it. Take a peek at the event and you’ll see why I fell in love with this authentic little home. Actually its spacious although it’s deceptively small looking for outside. Meandering corridors with surprises built-in – feature galore.

Scarlet Creative Greenlily Cottage

As is now usual with Charlotte’s builds there are lots of fabulous textures used. This is the first for a longggg time that I’ve seen her utilise wallpaper, its faded, its shabby and it really adds a warmth to the space. At the rear fo the build is a beautiful and useful glazed conservatory area. I can totally see myself living in this grand old cottage. Thanks Charlotte ❤


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Tell me I’m PURTY!

Yes my head may feel like it’s been used as a football and yes I have Hamster cheeks and yes  I am popping pain killers like a druggie and yes I am starving because I can’t eat solids and yes my mouth is gross because I won’t even be able to think about brushing my teeth till tomorrow and add to all of that a RAGING case of PMT and I can’t even suck a bloody chocolate BUT it has all been so worth while and my dental treatment is now finally over and Damnit don’t my teeth look great?


LOL OK Just kidding but as it happens I decided to treat myself and finally I’ve found Mesh Heads that I can actually relate to and since I’ve had a day of Hell I’m going to treat myself to one of them later.

But I’m also using this post as a prompt to those of you who like me have a complete and utter crippling Dental Phobia, please don’t wait till the problems get so bad the treatment becomes so harsh it’s like torture!  I am so Damned lucky that I may have had to pay the price for not going to the dentist but my teeth are now healthy and repaired and looking damned good, I swear to God I will be going to the dentist every six months just for a check up and yes I will cry in the chair and yes I will threaten to BITE but I’m never letting a tiny problem build up into a massive one.  There is also one thing you can do to make it easier for you and thats approach your Doctor for some sort of sedative, it never occurred to me that you could and I get a strip of them because that’s all I need but they have been a life saver…….at least they stopped me biting the Dentist LOL.  So have a think about it.

Normality will resume tomorrow with some of the On9 Freebies and I hope I will have made my mind up by then which head I am going to buy.