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Sunshine & Showers

Dench Designs bench & peacock - Free tea service percent group gift - all clothing by Neve - hair Elua SALE!

Ohmaigerdddd the weather here in England is just freakish atm! One moment sun, then a shower, then hailstones – seriously. This morning at 5.30am I was actually scraping ice off my car – not a happy camper . Oh well at least tomorrow is Friiiiidayyyy! So so so – if you haven’t ever gone to Dench Designs by Amanda Dench , you really need too. Its one of those stores that you alwayssss find  a little something to take home with you. I always end up buying something and this trip was no different. I have benches galore in my inventory, but when I saw this one at Dench Designs I fell in “want” with it. It’s a fairly standard nicely made bench – howeverrrr its the animations that grabbed my attention. Amanda always adds a little whimsy to her pieces , Id like to think it’s because she is English but its more likely that she’s just damm good at what she does ! Couples and singles poses, for a picnic, chatting etc…above I’m enjoying a sammich in the Spring sun…

Dench Designs - bench - rain pose (couples version included)


…then booom outta nowhere you get a rain shower and sound effects and you’re sat there sheltering from the downpour under a blanky. Isn’t that just SO sweet? The couple version of this pose is heart melting – it really is dead cute. The bench does come complete with the peacock and some assorted shrubbery, but as its modify I detached the extras above, great if you need to save some prims! (If you need a bit of assistance in “unlinking” stuff, drop me a line and I will send you a notecard explaining how to do it.) The items in the store are very modestly priced, so you can afford to splash out and treat yourself to a few bits and bobs, plus free to join group and regular gifts are a real bonus.

Dench Designs

All clothing by Neve

Hair by Elua