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Squat, Thrust, Pump. (Freebies).

Hands up how many of you pervs are checking this post for something Xrated lol.  Sorry but just like Great British TV I seem to be full of “repeats”. I popped over to Blueberry with my fingers crossed for some New Freebies but I was slightly disappointed because I do know that 2 out of these 3 items we have been previously posted about and there is a good chance that even the 3rd item has also been posted previously but since they’re so good, so handy and sooooo free I just went with it.


I’ve just finished a week of a very strict weight loss/cleansing diet and omg when I stood on the scales this morning I nearly fell off them!  Not a diet I would recommend to many but it’s got me looking soooo fine and with my new gym kit all I’m waiting for now is payday so I can start at my new gym.  So since payday seems to be ages away I’ve been doing some buns n tums tone up exercises and yes in my living room in front of the fire because would you believe it, SNOW in the UK in late Spring! FFS! I’m STILL wearing my Winter woolies and sobbing into hot chocolate! (Remember we English love to moan about the weather lol).


Now this strappy cropped top is possibly the one item I’ve not shown you before it’s hard to tell because it’s a classic SL strappy cropped top and they’re plenty of them around but then I notice the MASSIVE colour hud and since you can’t make any of the detailing out in the black here it is in one of the other shades.

XXXBlue2As you can see lots of those creases and wrinkles which make things look so much more realistic.  Can’t remember how many colours come in the Hud but you have everything basic blacks to bold reds.


I definitely remember blogging this and I also remember the indecent crowd of people rezzing to the Blueberry shop to snag these.  The bra top and panties come as separates but have the same waffle texturing and the same pretty generous colour Hud so you can match them up or as I’ve done make them different and you can also change the string colours.  You can just about at this angle make out the little stocking tabs on the bottom because they’re lingerie but as you can see from my top picture I think they look just as great as shorts.

All of the clothes come in standard Mesh sizing but also a couple of the most popular Mesh bodies inc SLink Physique and I know that because I’m wearing my SLink Mesh bod.


In all honestly I would have thought that this house would have been removed as a GG because it was a Christmas special from….maybe even thinking about it was possibly even from 2 Christmases ago?  Doesn’t really matter as this is a STUNNING build!  and the fact that it’s still out is an absolute boost.  You get 2 options in the pack a stand alone house and in this picture one that comes in a stunning snow setting with big snow drifts and landscaping.  100% quality texturing and design it’s perfect and it’s primmy.  Actually it isn’t but we’re prim Wh*res, we count prims like some people count their pennies.  I can’t remember the actual prim count but for this fully landscaped one it’s about 300 and with such excellent quality texturing you don’t need to be stuffing a house as good as this with furniture, less is definitely more and of course with the much newer designs you can get stunning decor items for amazingly low primmage! Get yourself a little sky platform, rezz this and decorate it with style and you have a wintery cosy nook all year round.

PS if anyone thinks I even closely resemble my AV let me tell you my tip of the day, I’m breaking in my new gym shoes and they’re killing my feet especially across the top of the toes on my left foot and I have found that one of the pads out of a bra I own slips over my toes and are acting like a cushion so my tootsies and now I’m not in constant pain.  Keep that image in your mind when you think of the perfect AV me LOL.