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It’s not you, it’s me (Freebie&Freebie VIP Group).

Before I became a PumeC Fanatic I was an Essense Fanatic but the classic line of a lover wanting to break a relationships “it’s not you, it’s me” is what happen between me and the Essence range so I won’t bore you with why I don’t now buy Essence skins anymore BUT just because I don’t doesn’t mean you shouldn’t!!!  Skins, shapes, boob sizes & ass sizes etc are all very personal and what one person loves another will not so you do your own thing even if that means you want to wander SL as a purple skinned banana, it’s YOUR SL after all.


As you can see this is a very quick post, I literally logged in just to grab my notices and pack up my stuff and log out but this was too good to miss. Essence skins VIP group is FREE to join but this is for a limited time, till the end of the month I believe.  So of course I caved in to temptation and TPed over joined, snagged, TPed home, pulled a pose and 1 click later here “Hope” is.

Hope only comes with only 1 skin in 2 versions, no cleavage and cleavage and if you can’t tell I’m wearing the no cleavage version LOL and no appliers at all, BUT and I so often forget this the fact that this Free skin doesn’t come with any appliers shouldn’t put you off.  I am so lazy that I rely on Appliers to colour match but of course ALL mesh body bits come with really easy to use colour Huds as standard! So if you have a little time to spend then it’s nothing to get an exact or close enough skin match using the Skin Matching Hud which comes with whatever mesh body bits you use.

So I may not be such an addict to Essence skins now but esp now that the VIP Group is free till the end of the month this is too good an opportunity for others to join and TBH I’ll stay in the group myself for a while.

And because I’m a PumeC skin ADDICT I’m going to be sneaky and put the LM for their shop and beautiful sim so maybe just maybe you will pop over and see for yourself why I adore their skins and have done for a good few years!



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