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Tell me I’m PURTY!

Yes my head may feel like it’s been used as a football and yes I have Hamster cheeks and yes  I am popping pain killers like a druggie and yes I am starving because I can’t eat solids and yes my mouth is gross because I won’t even be able to think about brushing my teeth till tomorrow and add to all of that a RAGING case of PMT and I can’t even suck a bloody chocolate BUT it has all been so worth while and my dental treatment is now finally over and Damnit don’t my teeth look great?


LOL OK Just kidding but as it happens I decided to treat myself and finally I’ve found Mesh Heads that I can actually relate to and since I’ve had a day of Hell I’m going to treat myself to one of them later.

But I’m also using this post as a prompt to those of you who like me have a complete and utter crippling Dental Phobia, please don’t wait till the problems get so bad the treatment becomes so harsh it’s like torture!  I am so Damned lucky that I may have had to pay the price for not going to the dentist but my teeth are now healthy and repaired and looking damned good, I swear to God I will be going to the dentist every six months just for a check up and yes I will cry in the chair and yes I will threaten to BITE but I’m never letting a tiny problem build up into a massive one.  There is also one thing you can do to make it easier for you and thats approach your Doctor for some sort of sedative, it never occurred to me that you could and I get a strip of them because that’s all I need but they have been a life saver…….at least they stopped me biting the Dentist LOL.  So have a think about it.

Normality will resume tomorrow with some of the On9 Freebies and I hope I will have made my mind up by then which head I am going to buy.