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Lazy Mare!(Freebie).

I’m in full “Lazy Mare” mode at the moment I’m snuggled on my over sized chair, feet up, fire turned up, new Judge Judy on the TV and a couple of new books to start reading later so I popped into SL to grab my notices and since these Free GG’s SLink High Shoes are so simple and easy to wear I just TPed, grabbed, TPed home and one snap later here they are.


SLink High feet needed but they also came with another pair which fitted my ankles really well LOL.  As it happens since this second set doesn’t say which mesh feet or maybe they’re meant for non mesh feet?  So basically even if you don’t have SLink feet you may still want to check them out.

Normally I would give you a bit of a description of what else you can find in the shop and not just the Freebie but I’m going to be lazy.  I will tell you though that for some reason even in my Nams setting my SL world seemed to be unusually dull so I had to edit the picture a little bit to lighten it up so you could see the pretty floral decoration but it’s also give the purple colour also a hint of pink, so it’s more purplie (sic) than it looks.

If you’re not as lazy as me you will spot there is more GG’s waiting to be grabbed and of course whilst your there you can check out the rest of the shop as well.

Vitrage Boutique