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Thank You Faith. (Freebie).

Faith normally does the KoKoLores hair but I whinged and moaned and she caved in for me to let you show you this Group Gift plus I point out to her that “I rock” this hair and I bet she will agree.

KoKoLores or at least the hair shop isn’t really well-known to me, where you rezz inworld there is 2 nice sized shops onw is for the hair and the other is a makeup and pose shop and that’s the one I usually pop into but when the notice came out that the VIP Group fee was FREE for a limited time I went into the hair shop for a change.


PS Just in case Faith thinks this is the Free dress I had mentioned to her sorry but it’s not, I tried the Freebie on and sadly it didn’t “rock” so I binned it.  If anyone is interested in this futuristic sheer naughtiness then drop me an inworld note or a comment at the end.  It’s not a freebie but it was worth every Linden I spent on it a long time ago, see “save money to spend money”.


Back to the hair.  KoKoLores has a pretty unique hair colour palate with lots of quirky and young styles and tbh I’m pretty sure that anyone could find themselves a hair from here.  Since I’ve never bought a hair from here before I can’t tell you much and I didn’t even have time to grab a few demos but what I do know is that this Free hair comes with a pretty big colour option Hud.  Most of the colours are in the subtle pastel range and as you can see a lot of two tones as well.


I’ve added the link to the marketplace shop where you can see the unique styles and colours for yourself and grab some demos before you get inworld.


KoKoLores Marketplace

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