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Buy Buy Save. (inc Freebie).

I gave you a peek of this hat in my last post but didn’t give you any details because I needed to check something out. I could be wrong but this is the first time I personally know that Mina Nakamura has done a collaboration with another SL designer, Rucy Byron and it turns out to be a perfect match.

I have to confess that Rucy Byron’s shop Aphorism is one of the many shops I get notices from because at some stage I’ve slapped the Subscription board but I can’t remember the last time I actually went over, my valid excuse is I get so many notes and notices it takes me about an hour when I log in just to work though them and I have to discard so many and so it turns out I’ve been missing on a whole lot of temptation.  There is some amazing sexy MoFo lace up boots and I zoomed in on a stunning Tunic which isn’t just for a RPer but if you want your AV to stand out as someone with style and taste then you really need to get over here.  A good mix of men and women’s fashion for anyone with an ounce of style.  Since I was down to my last 75Lds I splashed the cash and won this skeleton which I will have fun secreting somewhere around my home but actually I’m pretty sure one of the Gacha wins was for the same skeleton but as an AV and would have loved to have won that so I could finally have the cat walk model body we all dream on (yeah not!).


I call them hair/hats because they’re linked and not worn as separates.  You get a colour Hud for both the hair shades and a 4 colour Hud for the hats. These hair/hats are only available at an event called the Epiphany and don’t bother going…at least for the moment.  It’s PACKED to the rafters, honestly the whole sim is stuffed so I’d give it a few more days.

UPDATE because I’ve now spotted Mina has all of her New Hair/Hat’s Demos in her mainshop now so get over there to try them on in peace and I’ve also noticed that there is a second LM for “The Epiphany off sim shopping” sim but I have a sneaky suspicion that this is just as packed as the main one .


That floppy hat goes with everything! from a hippy chick, business woman to someone strolling on the beach whilst this bowler to be is more cute and quirky.  Both hairs come with the standard hair colour pack and both come with a 4 colour Hud option for the hat.  Just to note that you can’t see it well but if squint you can see that the bowler has a little feather tucked into the hair band, the angle of the pictures doesn’t show this clearly.

OK this is one of the slightly different sorts of Gacha Events in that you…….no go read the info on the Epiphany blog they make it quite clear as to how any why this is different so check the link out at the bottom of this post.

Last but not least a FREEBIE for those of us who spend their last lindens on a skeleton! Get yourself over to the Colour Me Project and put on your Free to join “Free’s & offers” tag and click for the picture.  You should have joined this group by now as I do score so many goodies from it and it’s purple sign is in so many shops you can’t have missed it.


I can’t tell you much about the Colour me Project either but I’ve left my AV stood there so when I get back inworld I can have a scout around and see if there is something to tempt me to buy lindens or even better any more freebies.

PS I forgot to mention that the Mina Gacha is ONLY 75Lds! Honestly you find something of this style and quality for that price in SL I’ll give you my skeleton, GIFT WRAPPED! LOL

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