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Be quick. (Hunt, 10Ld, 1LD, Dollarbie, Freebie)

Completely ignore the Hair/Hat because I so want to tell you about them but that will have to wait till my next post so until then check out the rest of the outfit because it might be over soon.

I know for a fact I have shown you this jacket and vest combo because I still have them in my invent.  They are separates and even have their own Alphas so perfect together and perfect on their own.  The vest actually goes right down to your hip and I was just lucky in that the skirt also fitted perfectly over the top just as easily as a pair of jeans and shorts should.  The Skater skirt comes with a colour Hud and although I can’t remember the colours or the actual amount, I will add that onto the end of this post if I get time to get back inworld and count them.  The “shades” also come from the same shop and clicking on them brings up a resize menu and finally the boots which don’t need mesh feet.


The reason for the rush is that all of these items were found at the “No Cabide” shop where you will find that there is still an Easter Egg Hunt going on but of course since Easter was last month it maybe over soon.  Each egg cost only 1Lds and very handy you can see the contents of the eggs before you buy.  However the skirt cost more but at 10Lds tha’s a spit in the ocean esp when as I say it comes with a colour Hud.  You will also spot a couple of Group Gifts but I was in such a rush I didn’t bother to grab and I don’t know if it’s a Free to join Group but I did click on 2 wrapped pressies you will see on the floor because I CLICK EVERYTHING! and was rewarded with even more Freebies as these seem to be free for all.

A bit rushed as I say so don’t hesitate and get over there before it’s over.

No Cabide



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