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Thats right I’m a PRINCESS and don’t you forget it! (Freebie).

Whenever I find an outfit like this it always makes me feel like Amy off The Big Bang when she puts on the tiara because secretly all women no matter how they dress have that “inner” Princess in them.  So to find a seriously OTT dress for free is an “I am a Princess” moment.


Sorry I wish the tiara, hair and make up were inc because they’re the icing on the cake for this look but they’re mine and it was nice to be able to use one of the Mina grey shades for the hair which is a colour I don’t get to use often.  This dress comes with a lot of “add ons” but you can also wear the skirt as a simple A line mesh skirt without all the mesh flounces and the ruffle shrug is also an add on you can “add off” and I’ve just had a thought the top is non mesh, it’s a system layer with some appliers I believe, and you could wear the skirt with another top ie a contrasting corset etc.  I do that quite often I take parts of clothes that I like and match them up with other items that I think suit them better.


OK nuff waffling this dress comes from The White Armory and I can tell you very little about it apart from I believe this is a place for a whole wardrobe of RP outfits for both men and women so basically you’re just going to have to go there and grab this beauty and have a look because I maybe wrong I maybe right but when a gift is as OTT is this I bet there is plenty of other surprises to be had. As I said in the title this is free and once you rezz just walk straight ahead and there it is easy to find.

The White Armory

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Neve dress NEW

Neve have a whole bunch of new releases for Spring – yes indeed – Spring has Sprung big time! Tops & dresses galore. Above is one colour (you get four) of the new “vision” dress in the linear design. There are four versions of this linear,lively,bloom & neutral, so toddle off and check them out instore or the market place. As always you get four colours per pack and they fit  Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique & Hourglass, Belleza Isis & Freya and the Standard Sizes XXS – M.

neve & Easterling NEW!!

I just adore the “purity” tops, baring your shoulders for probably the first time this year ! This is the crochet version, one of four versions, each pack again having four colour options per item. I choose the crochet one to share, as it’s all girly and cute. The cut over the bust area is magnificent, it just peeks open to expose a little cleavage and the tie strings hang really well. ( Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique & Hourglass, Belleza Isis & Freya and the Standard Sizes XXS – M all included) My skirt is another new release from Easterling – two versions of this skirt to choose form (or get both!) and so so so versatile, they come with a HUD that really gives you endless options – brilliant buy!

Skirt HUD's

Heres the HUD’s, as you can see heapssss of colours.

neve & Easterling NEW!

Another little top from Neve, this ones called “crush” and gawd I so LOVE it! Would go with jeans, skirts or shorts, it’s a nifty item. Four versions, each with its own four colour HUD. Fittings included are :  Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique & Hourglass, Belleza Isis & Freya and the Standard Sizes XXS – M. This might just be my new go-to-piece, you know that one thing you always reach for in your inventory? Yup – this could be IT! I’m also wearing another version of the new Easterling skirt, pretty floral print and lace edge caught my eye.

Thankyou Janie, Damien & cloheisabelle ❤


Neve market place

Neve blog

Neve store

Easterling store

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Blowing Faiths Trumpet (oooerr sound rudie!).

I’ve been wanting to tell you about our new Welcome area and since Faith set it up I thought I would wait for her to post about it but I think she’s too modest about it so I’m going to show it to you.

As you will all know Faith ,me & Player rent/own our own sim it’s our one bad habit, but it’s not actually as expensive as you think, but the one thing we like to do is open the sim to all and sundry.  We have had to set the sim to “Adult” setting BUT I must stress that you will find nothing of an Adult nature going on, on our sim!  So don’t be afraid if you think you’re going to be TPing into a cess pool of depravity (IM me for LMs for those sorts of places LOL).

Normally I have the pleasure of changing the sim and the welcome area with the seasons but due to work commitments and my being brain-dead I’m well behind with it (never fear I’ve finally come up with a lovely idea) however Faith has saved the day and look what she has put out for our visitors.XXXLighthouse7Honestly I’m so pleased with this because although I LOVE Dust Bunny builds I have to confess this range of builds with those bricks sticking out is not my cup of tea so when Faith said she was going to set out the Lighthouse I cringed slightly but I LOVE IT!


Nestled just on the edge of our sim with just the right amount of outdoor space and a dock you can sit on,  the little stool on the dock gives you a fishing rod among other items to wear.


Lovely little sitting area inside.


Damnit even the sea-gull picked a chip up as I took a snap.

As we always say people are more than welcome to our sim,both our homes and the whole of the sim is open to all to come and wander around, take pictures, just hang out and don’t worry.  I know that when you are on someones sim even if it’s open to everyone and you see the owners are there you sometimes feel as though you’re encroaching on their privacy or feel the need to say “hi” trust me you don’t have to do that.  We will ignore you and you can ignore us, even if you’re sat in my house I wouldn’t say a thing.  Usually Faith and I are on our platforms working so we would probably not even notice you.  If you want to say “hi” feel free LOL we’re not that antisocial.

I don’t know if Faith has changed the LM setting for where you rezz on our sim but if it doesn’t take you direct to this little build it is so close you will be able to see it and also the small but perfectly formed Yardsale we have set out.  I know Faith has just put out some new stuff and there is everything from a small house/shop to decor items for everyone to come and snag because it’s ALL FREE!!! We don’t try to recoup what we spend on our Arcade/Gacha Addiction it’s much nicer to be able to pass things on.  We will keep on trying to add to the heap but I will let you know when a new load has been put out some feel free to come over and snag a few or a lot of whats out.

PS I’ve not even worked out what I should set out sims windlight setting to so as always Nams setting so it’s clean clear and beautiful.

Home Sweet Home

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Happy Hippy (Sub Gift/Group Free Gift)

As someone who is always short on Group Space I for one am always grateful when a shop sets out a gift not just for its group members but will automatically send it out to all its “sub slappers”.  I’m not sure if there is any benefits to joining the group ie a group discount but you will certainly be kept up to date on New stuff and also maybe events, special discounts, sales etc or like me slap that sub board and just sit and wait for those sub/group gifts to be automatically sent out to you and check out this little beauty.


Called Lupe a fringed boho/hippy cardigan/top combo and it’s so good, such good quality and things like this are always a lovely surprise when you least expect it.

So of course when I LM’ed grabbed I checked out The Beautiful Ones, the sub gifts often come through labelled as being from “TBO” so if you do sub or join then don’t fret if you get a parcel sent to you from “TBO” but don’t panic if you reject it just TP to the shop and you can simple have it resent.

One of the best things about sub/group gifts is it’s a prompt to remind you to pay a visit which is exactly what I did when I went to LM grab and I have to admit that I thought “TBO” was a “tits n ass” sort of clothing shop but I’d gotten it mixed up with another shop so again sending out samples of your wares is pretty beneficial.  A lot of good outfits from basics to gowns but the one thing that makes them stand out and are more tempting is that a lot if not all of the items here come either has full outfits or with colour huds as standard which makes your Lindens go further and of course I did price check and it’s very reasonably priced so once you’ve snatched this great gift check out the rest because we all love top quality clothing in fat packs.

The Beautiful Ones

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My other pet shop & Event.

Woo Hoo my Boo has been off work today so we have a simply fabulous day of eating Smoothie bowls sprinkled with chia seeds and washed down with kale and wheat germ detox water then a day of fun and excitement with so many selfies of our fun time to be posted on to FB….yeah I lie, a long lie in till the howling of hungry cats dragged us (ME)out of bed then a squabble over who makes the toast and swilled down with a big mug of instant coffee then after we muttered over things we should be doing we spent it lazing and Gogglebox watching.  I hope that however you have spent your Good Friday with it was good for you.

OH and he didn’t get me an Easter Egg because I’m “on a diet” so I’ve eaten all of his peanut butter, serves him right.

OK so a bit of a lazy post because I’ve actually got quiet a few things from Ever Wonders shop “More than Ever”inc a NEW Freebie but you’re going to have to wait for that and tbh all I’m going to show you is a single pair of shoes…..lazy or what?  The thing is these shoes and 2 of the dresses I scored come from The Cart Sale and DOH there is only 5 more days left and I simply don’t know if I can do these items justice in time.  So I thought I would show you the shoes and tell you about the dresses.


These are in a way a reblog because I may not have shown you this shade before but I know I have shown you these “Daisy” shoes as I still have them in my invent and I remember them well but this time you get a special offer of 3 shades for only 50Ld and I love these shoes. The yellow stands out so well, the white is very Spring/Summer/Beachy and the black pair go with everything but you will need SLink High Feet needed.

The dresses on the More than Ever stand are only 10Lds each and the yellow one with its puffed 70ties style sleeves went perfectly with these shoes but I took a seriously naff picture and then ran out of time I also ran out of time to show you the daft strawberry dress which honestly I loved it for its daftness.  It has the texture and colouring of a freshly washed strawberry but it’s a dress.  You really have to see it to understand what I’m blabbing on about.  So I will give you the link to the More than Ever stall@The Cart Sale but I will also give you the LM to her mainshop where you might want to check out these shoes but in other shades or even pick up the New GG/Sub gift that has been set out for us.

Word of caution because not everything is priced at 1Lds at The Cart Sale but most things are and if they’re more than 10Lds then they’re seriously discounted.  I was/am so limited on time I literally ran my way around this event and grabbed a whole selection of shoes and household decor items and I’ve not had time to unpack.

More Than Ever@The Cart Sale

More Than Ever Mainshop

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ArisAris Babydoll NEW!

Something pretty and sexy for you, new from ArisAris is “coquette”. I was actually pretty blown away by the sooper fabulous fit on this – not one alpha from my Slink Physique HUD required. The babydoll top and panties are separates so you could use both pieces with your other bits n bobs. Sizes for Maitreya, Slink, TMP, Belleza – plus standard sizing too. Would love to see this in a few other colours – at $99L its a bargain! Thanks Ariadne ❤

ArisAris market place

ArisAris store

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Sweet Distraction (Freebie).

I went egg hunting but spotted this and yes I’m going to say it, AMAZING, Free Blinged up tiara/head phone Group Gift from Majestic.

XXXHeadSeriously happy with this and although I may never wear it again just knowing I have something so outrageous in my invent makes me chuckle.

So since I spotted this and grabbed and ran I can’t tell you much about Majestic apart from there is an egg hidden there somewhere and if it’s the same quality as this GG then GRAB IT!