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I’m off to see The Wizard (Freebie n Hunt).

How many of us would love to be paid to SL?  Yup me too but sadly I work hard for my money but I’ve left my AV standing on the  on the Magic of Oz sim waiting for when I can get back inworld and I can continue to collect eggies.

But first the Freebie which you don’t even have to bother to hunt down.


The dress is from Prism and is a St Patrick’s day pressie.  A rough hessian textured dress with the pretty floral bands and even though this is a St Patrick’s day gift its wearable any time of the year.

Now for the Hunt.  When you rezz on the sim the first thing you do is snag a basket, big sign for you to click, and you must wear this basket to collect the eggs.  Lots of little eggs scattered around this fantasy themed “yellow brick road” sim and as you saunter around picking up the eggs you will come across little surprises such as skully here.


Some of the old classics are still there but I spotted some new places for you to explore.


Although word of caution because I was tempted by this mine entrance and it is really an interesting place to explore and it leads you down into temptation because at the end of the tunnel is a market.


A market of  “breedable’s”, breedables of any sort has never been a thing to me I can just about remember to feed “Fred” my donkey and he only needs feeding once a month so no matter how cute or even how valuables some of these breedables can be it’s not my thing but if you are then there are stalls of the little critters just waiting to be taken home with you and I even saw an auction market space so if you want to buy and sell I couldn’t imagine a nicer place to do it.


So I backtracked my way to the Yellow Brick Road and safer ground.

OK this is such an easy hunt to do but a few simple rules and although I’ve only started it and I’m going by memory I’m pretty sure it’s not changed.  So you must wear the basket and every egg you see click the egg which magically disappears and reappears into your basket if you get too grabby like me then you will break the eggs so basically you have to give it 30secs before you grab another and they’re everywhere.  So easy to spot and since you don’t need to grab specific eggs each 6 random ones win you a prize.

Once you’ve collected 6 eggs you get sent a message/menu and from that you can choose the shop you want to claim your prize from and then you’re sent a “stack of eggs” and you can just continue on with the hunt or go grab your gift straight away.  6 eggs =1 gift and since I want them all it’s going to be a pleasant hour in SL just sauntering and enjoying.

So once you’ve collected all of the “stacks of eggs” you want for the prizes you want then make your way to “Munchkinland” which is a pretty little town centre with lots of little shops to tempt you.  Inside each shop is the same sort of basket that you’ve been collecting your eggs in so simply wear/add the matching stack of eggs that you have been sent and stand close to the basket and click the eggs on your head and you get sent the prize.  Pretty simple, enough things for you to do to make it interesting but easy even for a dork like me to do but if I’ve not made it clear then check out the link for the Blogg, last link given, and it’s explained pretty clearly there.


Magic of Oz Eater Hunt LM 


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