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Don’t be afraid. (Freebie).

“Don’t be afraid” to layer is what I mean.  Never Wonder, the owner of More Than Ever sent me out her New Group Gift/Sub board Gift and I both loved and didn’t love it, the nicest thing about Never Wonder is she never expects anyone to blog her outfits but if you do she’s so sweet it’s a pleasure to be able to show off her work so when I got this dress because something wasn’t working for me I filed it away but it just kept on nagging at me because I loved the skirt part it was just the top half that didn’t work for me. BUT that’s not to say it wouldn’t for you and in fact if you have long hair or love to show off jewelry then this bare shoulder dress is perfect and I did actually take a really nice photo, but a boring one,  with me wearing long hair and a heap load of some exc free jewels, I’m hoping to show you them soon, but I also knew that what I really wanted was a sweater, shrug or cardigan to go over the top.  Sadly for me because I like to try to cut out excess in my invent with outfits that I want to keep I delete the larger or smaller sizes which don’t fit me but that meant I knew I had a couple of items in my invent which would have been excellent layered over this dress but because they were only in the sm/Xsm sizes bits poked out and then I found this sweater and the size M fitted beautifully and I love this now.

XXXLayered use

Like most jean wearing crafters I have that bag of beloved old jeans waiting to be upcycled into something adorable and this dress or rather the skirt part is what I would love to make if my skills weren’t as basic as being able to sew in a straight line LOL.

Actually here is the picture I did take so you can judge for yourself which look you prefer, this was more of a test picture and I was checking out my new pose cube.


More Than Ever